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imageSAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – We’re living in the world of the Millennial  generation where economic necessity begets a culture of sharing.

Homeowners share their spare rooms through Airbnb and private car owners share a ride through Uber and Lyft with those who are challenged by mobility — all for a fee, of course.

Economic and social revolution seem to always begin in the most liberal city of America — San Francisco, and the latest experiment, or shall we say, start-up, is no exception.

Today, a new start-up company called SpouseShare broke the champagne bottle and cut the ceremonial ribbon at its headquarters south of Market Street in San Francisco.

It is a new mobile app that connects people who are seeking to share their spouse with a third person, whether in a undocumented domestic relationship or a more formal gay marriage.

The founders of SpouseShare got the idea after encountering a Facebook post in which  three Thai gay men announced their three-some marriage, labeled by The New York Post as a “throuple.”

The new app can be downloaded by logging on to http://www.threeisnotacrowd.com.


The Uber logo
The Uber logo

SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), an international advocacy group fighting against the damaging and oftentimes fatal effects of motorists who drive under the influence (DUI) of alcohol, today announced it was suing the popular ride-sharing company Uber for the sudden rise in alcholism.

The California chapter of MADD claims that people are drinking twice as much alcohol than they were prior to Uber.

Bartenders have confirmed that their customers are now more likely to order a second, third or fourth alcoholic drink because fewer of them drive their cars to the bars.

“The so-called designated driver arrangement never really worked,” according to one bartender at Renegades, a gay bar in San Jose, “because nobody really wanted to have a night out with friends at a bar just drinking orange juice or bottled water.”

“My customers would usually say, ‘I shouldn’t, I’m driving,’ when offered another round of drinks.  Now they don’t think twice about ordering a second glass of wine or cocktail,” he said.

Unofficial figures from police departments across the U.S. and elsewhere seem to show as much as a 50% decline in DUI cases since Uber drivers started hitting the roads. In just the last month, DUI checkpoints have made zero arrests.

Only in California will companies be sued for doing something good!


CaptureSAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – The City of San Francisco has waged an all-our war against private motorists.

First, San Francisco painted the middle lanes of its main streets red to indicate that they were for buses and taxis only.  Next, the city painted the curb-side lanes on either direction green to indicate they were for bicycles only.  Now, private car drivers, including ride sharing drivers from Uber and Lyft,  can’t turn left or right on Market Street.

Well, private car owners have just about had it.

Remember Critical Mass?  It is a mass bicycle ride that takes place on the last Friday of each month in San Francisco. It is a form of protest to uphold bicyclists’ rights.

Beginning next week, private car owners, joined by Uber and Lyft drivers, will stage their own critical mass, not just once a month but every week, on Mondays.  It is their way of protesting the fact that they are slowly but surely being phased out of San Francisco’s streets.

Like the bicycle critical mass, the motorists will drive around city streets, en masse, with no specific destination.  Their intention is to clog the streets and create a traffic nightmare for buses, taxis and bicycles, not to mention a big headache for the city’s bureaucrats.

“It is time we take the power away from bicyclists and fight for our own rights,” an Uber motorist said. “Cyclists don’t need to get a license or pay taxes and fees like we do, so why are we being denied use of the streets that are paid for by our dollars?” he added.

To learn more about the Car Critical Mass, go to http://www.WeWantOurStreetsBackOrElse.com