imageSAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – We’re living in the world of the Millennial  generation where economic necessity begets a culture of sharing.

Homeowners share their spare rooms through Airbnb and private car owners share a ride through Uber and Lyft with those who are challenged by mobility — all for a fee, of course.

Economic and social revolution seem to always begin in the most liberal city of America — San Francisco, and the latest experiment, or shall we say, start-up, is no exception.

Today, a new start-up company called SpouseShare broke the champagne bottle and cut the ceremonial ribbon at its headquarters south of Market Street in San Francisco.

It is a new mobile app that connects people who are seeking to share their spouse with a third person, whether in a undocumented domestic relationship or a more formal gay marriage.

The founders of SpouseShare got the idea after encountering a Facebook post in which  three Thai gay men announced their three-some marriage, labeled by The New York Post as a “throuple.”

The new app can be downloaded by logging on to http://www.threeisnotacrowd.com.

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