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Manny Pacquiao Aftermath: Filipinos Engage In Nike War

Original photo from the Internet
Original photo from the Internet

CEBU CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – In the Philippines, you are either pro-Manny Pacquiao or anti-Manny Pacquiao, and the conflict has turned to shoes.

Since Nike announced that it was severing its ties with the Filipino champion boxer after his disparaging comments comparing gay men and women to (worse than) animals, Pacquiao fans, bishops, politicians, LGBT advocates and practically people on the street have engaged in what is being called the Nike War.

In Cebu, the Queen City of the South, pro- Pacquiao actvists burned their Nike shoes in protest of the company’s move to fire Pacquiao. In Manila, mall shops selling sports shoes and paraphernalia have reported a sharp increase in Nike sales, apparently from shoppers who agree with Nike’s decision to drop Pacquiao.

Even the  Church has entered the fray, with a Filipino Evangelical bishop criticizing Nike for dropping Pacquiao, saying the megasports brand failed to consider all the heroic accomplishments of the congressman from Sarangani, including his ministry to the poor people. The bishop is calling for Filipinos to boycott Nike.

In the political arena, and unrelated to the Nike controversy,  a senatorial candidate has asked the Philippines’ electoral body, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to disqualify Pacquiao from the senatorial race because his upcoming April 9 fight with Timothy Bradley in Las Vegas would result in unfair advantage for the boxer in as far as media exposure is concerned. COMELEC rules provide for equal air time for all candidates.

Meanwhile, ADIDAS is reportedly recruiting sales reps to promote their shoes to take advantage of the ongoing Nike controversy in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, they take not only their boxers, but also their shoes , very seriously.

After Nike, Bill Clinton Drops Manny Pacquiao

imageCHAPPAQUA, New York (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – Just days after Nike severed its relationship with Filipino champion boxer Manny Pacquiao for his disparaging comments comparing gay men and lesbians to (worse than) animals, former President Bill Clinton has distanced himself from the Filipino congressman who is running for a Senate seat.

The two are known to have a very cordial relationship, but all that is coming to an end.

Clinton said he cannot continue his friendship with Pacquiao because his views on homosexuality and same-sex marriage are contrary to Hillary’s position on the issue.

“Hillary and I cannot jeopardize her election as the next president of the U.S. by continuing our relationship with Pacquiao.

“I wish him the best in his quest to become a Philippine senator, but I have to withdraw my support for him and his senatorial campaign,” Clinton said.


Nike Drops Manny Pacquiao, UNA Drops Jejomar Binay

Binay, left, and Pacquiao
Binay, left, and Pacquiao

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Apparel giant Nike has terminated its relationship with boxer Manny Pacquiao after his recent inflammatory comments about the LGBT community.

“We find Manny Pacquiao’s comments abhorrent,” the statement reads. “Nike strongly opposes discrimination of any kind and has a long history of supporting and standing up for the rights of the LGBT community. We no longer have a relationship with Manny Pacquiao.”

Pacquiao had compared gay men and women to animals – in fact, worse than animals.

Just hours after the Nike announcement, the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) dropped Jejomar Binay as its presidential standard bearer, a decision prompted by recent statements by the Vice President supporting Pacquiao’s position on same-sex marriage.

“We understand now that as a political party, we cannot discriminate against anyone, including the gay and lesbian community and that we must adhere to the separation of church and state,” an UNA memorandum said.

“Binay’s support for Pacquiao and his stand on same-sex marriage (which is basically following the Catholic Church’s position on the issue) will make it difficult for us to win in the elections,” the memo added.

Meanwhile, two other presidential candidates, Mar Roxas and Miriam Defensor-Santiago, are reportedly reconsidering their position.  They are known to oppose legalizing same-sex marriage in the Philippines. The other two candidates, Grace Poe and Rodrigo Duterte are in favor.