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Tel Aviv, Israel – As the Office of the Philippine Ombudsman prepared to indict three senators for their alleged role in the 10 Billion-peso pork barrel scam, most Filipinos went about their usual traditional Lenten season rituals – fasting, abstaining from meat, visiting churches, praying the rosary, going through the stations of the cross (via crucis) and giving alms to the poor. There is much anticipation for Easter Sunday, which Catholics know to be the day that Jesus Christ resurrected following his death on the Cross.

The three senators – Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla – are about to face plunder and graft charges for allegedly pocketing their pork barrel funds in an elaborate scheme supposedly masterminded by businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles who is now in detention.

Senator Revilla is on a different level of Lenten tradition, one that  low to medium-income people don’t usually get the chance to experience. Revilla, his wife and children, are in the Holy Land on a religious pilgrimage to what is believed to be the birthplace of Jesus.

In a skype call with Revilla’s wife, Cavite Representative Lani Mercado-Revilla, she indicated that  immediately upon their arrival in Jerusalem, she saw a transformation with the Senator. “His physical appearance and demeanor totally changed. He seemed like he was at peace,  like he just came out of the confessional box. In fact, throughout our flight from Manila to Tel Aviv, Bong was very calm and kept on listening to a video recording of “My Way,” sung by Rose Fostanes, the Filipina caregiver and winner of the first “X Factor Israel.”

Mrs.Revilla denied that the family was planning to seek political asylum in Israel, adding: “when we return to the Philippines after the pilgrimage, Bong will make an important announcement.” She didn’t say whether that announcement would be “guilty” or “not guilty.”

Meanwhile, Senators Enrile and Estrada, appear to be observing the Lenten season in solitary confinement in their respective mansions, perhaps praying for divine intervention.



Photo Credit: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters
Photo Credit: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Manila, Philippines – Benjamin Franklin once said, “there are only two things certain in life: death and taxes.”  The Philippines’ tax collector-in-chief is making sure the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) lives up to its name.

BIR Commissioner Kim Henares has confirmed reports that she has ordered Michael Christian Martinez, the lone Filipino athlete who competed in the Sochi Winter Olympics, to be placed on the agency’s “watch list.”  Although the 17 year-old figure skater did not win any medal in the skating competitions, Henares said that Martinez’s increasing popularity in the Philippines and abroad will certainly result in multi-million peso offers from commercial companies for product endorsements and advertisements. “We just want to make sure that the BIR will not miss out on taxes due from Martinez’s potential earnings, so we will be watching very closely,” Henares said.image13.jpg

This is not the first time that the BIR has gone after high-profile cases.   It has gone after the earnings of world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao as well as the prize money and recording contract income of Rose Fostanes, the Filipino caregiver in Tel Aviv who recently won the top prize in the reality TV show, X Factor Israel.

“We would have preferred Michael to win the Olympic gold medal because gold commands a very high price in the stock market right now, but there’s always that  possibility in 2018,” Henares told reporters.


imageCampbell, California- Today, The Adobo Chronicles  received a threatening email from someone claiming to be a representative of Rose Fostanes, the Filipina caregiver who won the first season of X Factor Israel . “Ofer” threatened to sue us if we do not “erase” our story on Fostanes’ winning the Israeli Lottery.

Here’s our response:

Dear Ofer,

Thank you for taking the time to read and react to our story about Rose Fostanes winning the Israeli Lottery.

At the outset, please know that we are a fan of Fostanes.  We have followed her path from being a caregiver to becoming the Filipino Susan Boyle. Filipinos the world over are truly proud of her, as are we.

We were pissed when we first learned that Fostanes could not be paid as a performer/singer in Israel because her work permit only allowed her to earn income from being a caregiver.  We rejoiced when the Israeli goverment bent its rules and allowed Fostanes to get paid for her recording contracts and concerts going forward. We even think The Adobo Chronicles had something to do with the Israeli government’s change of heart (okay, that may be giving ourselves too much credit).

You claim to represent Fostanes and threatened to sue us if we do not “erase” our published story. If you are indeed a legitimate representative of Fostanes, we say “bring it on!”

However we have a few requests:

1. Please read up on “satire ,” “parody” and FOI (do you even know what it stands for?)

2. Don’t just read our stories on Fostanes. Read our entire news site, especially the “About” page.  Maybe it will help you chill quite a bit.

3. Lastly, if you will be so kind as to mail us an “eraser” from Office Depot or Staples, we will be so ever appreciative because honestly, we stopped using erasers 20 years ago.

P.S. Have you ever considered joining the Spelling Bee?  Or just install autocorrect on the DOS program on your computer for heavens sake.


The Adobo Chronicles Editorial Board