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Police sketch of the Filipino Aswang
Police sketch of the Filipino Aswang

Daly City, California – The Daly City Police Department was deluged with calls Friday night from frightened local residents who reported seeing Aswang in their neighborhood. Twitter almost crashed, as did Verizon wireless, due to thousands taking to social media and smart phone texting to warn their friends and relatives about the sighting.

Aswang is a  mythical character  described as an evil creature that preys on fetuses. According to Philippine folklore, the Aswang lives like any other normal human being during the day but transforms into a wicked being at night in its constant search for pregnant women.

Daly City is home to a diverse population of about 100,000 people, a third of whom are Filipino.

After investigating the reports and tracing the origins of the viral tweets and text messages, the Police Department confirmed the sighting.  The Aswang was seen between 9 and 10 pm Friday on NBC’s episode of ‘Grimm,” courtesy of  Lt. Wu, played by Filipino American actor Reggie Lee.


imageHonolulu, Hawaii – A visit to Hawaii is never complete without having a snack or meal of spam sushi. This Japanese cuisine-inspired delicacy is a mainstay in local restaurant menus as well as in the refrigerated sections of every ABC Store.

In the last week, however, spam sushi has all but disappeared in Waikiki and elsewhere in the Hawaiian islands. Even McDonald’s has run out of its spam inventory and scrapped the island breakfast combo of eggs, spam and rice from its menu board.

Investigation conducted by local authorities revealed that there has been some hoarding going on, instigated by a particular group of Hawaii visitors.  Pressed by The Adobo Chronicles to identify the “hoarders,” one local official – on condition of anonymity – said: “secret service agents and journalists” accompaning President Barack Obama who is currently vacationing in Hawaii with the first family and first dog, Bo.

Officials are also investigating reports that the shortage is further aggravated by Filipinos going home for the holidays with balikbayan boxes loaded with cans of spam purchased from Costco and other warehouse stores in the islands.

Local merchants have sent urgent messages to Hormel Foods, makers of spam, to airlift several thousand cases of canned spam from its Minnesota headquarters to Hawaii.


Contestants of Philippine heritage have done extremely well in reality shows like X Factor Israel and Bulgaria, Britain's Got Talent, Sing Off, and American Idol, among others.
Contestants of Philippine heritage have done extremely well in reality shows like X Factor Israel and Bulgaria, Britain’s Got Talent, Sing Off, and American Idol, among others.

Honolulu, Hawaii – From Israel to Bulgaria, from the U.S. to Great Britain, Filipinos are making waves in reality TV’s singing competitions, and show producers are not pleased.

Meeting in Honolulu for their annual convention, executive producers of the X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, American Idol, The Voice and Sing Off today issued a joint announcement that henceforth, contestants from, or have a connection to the Philippines will be barred from participating in the TV shows.

“The reason we have foreign versions of these “franchise” shows is to discover talents from across the globe, and it is quite unfair that in every one of these shows, Filipinos are either winning or moving on to the finals,” the producers said.

The group added that the Philippines has its own local version of these shows, including Philippine Idol and PH Voice. “If Filipinos want to join these competitions, they should do so in their home country,” the group said.

Readers of The Adobo Chronicles will recall that just recently, the Philippines was also banned from international beauty pageants because its candidates have practically dominated the contest, having been consistently included in the top 5.  This year alone, the Philippines won the titles of Miss World, Miss Supranational and Miss International.

Reacting to the announcement by the television producers, the Consul General of the Philippine Consulate in Honolulu said, “So, what’s next? Are they also going to ban the Philippines from the sport of boxing?”