Contestants of Philippine heritage have done extremely well in reality shows like X Factor Israel and Bulgaria, Britain's Got Talent, Sing Off, and American Idol, among others.
Contestants of Philippine heritage have done extremely well in reality shows like X Factor Israel and Bulgaria, Britain’s Got Talent, Sing Off, and American Idol, among others.

Honolulu, Hawaii – From Israel to Bulgaria, from the U.S. to Great Britain, Filipinos are making waves in reality TV’s singing competitions, and show producers are not pleased.

Meeting in Honolulu for their annual convention, executive producers of the X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, American Idol, The Voice and Sing Off today issued a joint announcement that henceforth, contestants from, or have a connection to the Philippines will be barred from participating in the TV shows.

“The reason we have foreign versions of these “franchise” shows is to discover talents from across the globe, and it is quite unfair that in every one of these shows, Filipinos are either winning or moving on to the finals,” the producers said.

The group added that the Philippines has its own local version of these shows, including Philippine Idol and PH Voice. “If Filipinos want to join these competitions, they should do so in their home country,” the group said.

Readers of The Adobo Chronicles will recall that just recently, the Philippines was also banned from international beauty pageants because its candidates have practically dominated the contest, having been consistently included in the top 5.  This year alone, the Philippines won the titles of Miss World, Miss Supranational and Miss International.

Reacting to the announcement by the television producers, the Consul General of the Philippine Consulate in Honolulu said, “So, what’s next? Are they also going to ban the Philippines from the sport of boxing?”


  1. somehow, i can understand their reasoning regarding the complain for contest like “Got talent”, “x-factor”, “the voice” and the likes. Each country has their own franchise of the show so what’s the point if all the shows mentioned will all be wined by Filipinos or blood related. Besides, Philippines is a powerhouse of talents in dancing and singing etc. and that can’t be denied. But banning the PH for beauty contest or any contest/competition joined by all over the world?! That’s insane!! That’s discrimination and insecurity!


  2. It is very obvious that these people are petrified that Filipinos might dominate every single contests in the world. Well then, I’ll ask you a question, why is USA mostly included in the top 5 of Miss Universe?
    It is just f***ing the same. And by the way, you guys are better called “losers”, “insecure”, and “RACIST”.

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  3. If indeed, this is true, those who conceived of such an idea are either racist, stupid or sure losers, or all of these – including Jonathan, who claims to be a Filipino-American Let’s face it – us Filipinos are a multi-talented bunch, ranging from menial jobs to executive positions – if only given a chance. But the trouble is that this moron Jonathan, does not know that international beauty contests are NOT judged by Filipinos. The same is true with talent shows. This is it for now because I do not want to waste my time for stupid people like Jonathan and his elks.


  4. The reason why they are banned from those kinds of shows is because it’s a popularity contest. No other minority race is as biased as Filipinos. That’s fact. I know because I’m Filipino American and every time a Filipino is competing in something, most Filipinos will vote for that Filipino contestant because he/she is Filipino, not necessarily because of his/her beauty or talent.
    When she mentioned what’s next, they’re going to ban Filipinos from boxing, she is stupid. Of course that will not happen in ANY SPORT. Why? Because in SPORTS, the winner or winners are NOT DETERMINED BY VOTES.


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