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imageMASON, Ohio (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – Many who are vision-impaired have long benefited from progressive lenses which enable them to wear a single pair of eyeglasses for both distance and reading prescriptions.

Those who can’t wear progressives have long clamored for a product that would cater to their particular situation.

Finally, LensCrafters is unveiling a new kind of lenses for conservative eyeglass wearers. The new technology will help people with conservative views and ideology to see things from different perspectives — from moderate to liberal.

The new lens will be available at LensCrafters stores nationwide beginning in mid-winter, 2016, just in time for the U.S. presidential primaries.


imageSan Francisco, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – Hospitals across the country are struggling to deal with a shortage of one of their essential medical supplies. Manufacturers are rationing saline — a product used all over the hospital to clean wounds, mix medications or treat dehydration. Now drug companies say they won’t be able to catch up with demand until next year.

Upon hearing the news, contact lens users across the country went into a serious state of pandemonium, rushing to pharmacies and other retail outlets to purchase whatever saline solution was left on the display shelves. Saline solution is used to store and sterilize contact lenses.

Other consumers not lucky enough to find saline to hoard flocked to groceries and supermarkets to stock up on table salt. (Sodium chloride is the main ingredient in saline).

Capture“This develoment is life-changing for me,” said one consumer, Michael, after purchasing 10 packs of saline solution from his neighborhood Walgreens in San Francisco’s gay Castro district. “I’ve been wearing blue contacts all my life and all my friends have known me to be a blue-eyed, blonde boy,” he said. “I can’t  deal with the embarrassment if they discover that I’m really black-haired and black-eyed! I hope they also don’t run out of hair dye.”

For now, Michael will get through Pride Week and Halloween just fine without any change in his persona.

Read more about the U.S. saline shortage.



imageCupertino, California – Tech giant Apple has just unveiled its latest innovation, and it’s not a smart phone or  a tablet computer. It’s the iGlass.

Seen as Apple’s response to the Google Glass, the new high-fashion, unisex, one size fits all shades does not have a camera or the other Google Glass features.  “What it does is show a constant self reflection of the wearer, enabling him or her to keep his or her appearance and poise in check at all times,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said. “However, when other people look at your iGlass, they will see their own reflection. Like the iPhone and iPad cameras, iGlass is both front and rear facing, so to speak. This will eliminate the need for mirrors in public restrooms and rid ladies’ handbags of those tiny make up compact mirrors,” Cook added.

Consumers were quick to praise the iGlass, saying that the new product will have a wide-ranging positive impact and will bring about a truly joyful world of  pleasant-looking human beings.

Unlike the Google Glass, the iGlass can be worn over prescription eyeglasses. “That’s big plus,” one consumer exclaimed.iGlass

The iGlass comes complete with UV rays protective coating, is scratch-proof, ultra light, and is available in white or black plexiglass frame. The frame can be folded to fit into a pouch and plastic case with key chain (included). It will retail for $99.99.