Adobo Chronicles Apologizes To Rappler’s Maria Ressa

7FEFDB40-242C-4E60-BE88-E96D1BF0C44CSAN JOSE, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Jose Headquarters) – Not a few netizens are aware of the ongoing rift between The Adobo Chronicles and Maria Ressa’s Rappler, with the former accusing the latter of spreading biased news and the latter accusing the former of being “fake news” and “not getting satire.”

But we, at The Adobo Chronicles man up (or woman up) to our mistakes when warranted.

Previously, we quoted news stories about  Ressa’s release from jail supposedly as a result of public outcry.

Unfortunately, we committed a typo in our own news story when we said the release was “due to Maria Ressas pubic outcry.”

We apologize for the error and have since taken down our story.

(No, you won’t find it even in the online archives!)


Rappler Refuses To Fact-check Al Jazeera And The Guardian Stories On Maria Ressa’s Arrest

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – We all know that Rappler and Vera Files have been designated by Facebook as the giant social media network’s fact-checking partners in the Philippines.  The partners are supposed to correct any misinformation spread on social media.

But when Al Jazeera and The Guardian published stories claiming that Rappler CEO Maria Ressa was released from jail because of “outcry” and “condemnation” from Filipinos, Rappler refused to fact-check the stories.

So, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg reached out to The Adobo Chronicles for help with regards to the Al Jazeera and Guardian stories.

The Adobo Chronicles obliged and sent this message to Zuckerberg:

”Ressa was released from jail not because of any outcry or condemnation from Filipinos.  Rather, the Philippine government was just following the Rule of Law which gives Ressa the right to post bail for her temporary release from prison.”

Facebook is still awaiting if Vera Files will do any fact-checking on these stories.



Leni Robredo Urges Filipinos To Break The Law

14C6C73B-709E-42B9-B541-7CE9443E37EAMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Whatever happened to the phrase, “a nation of laws?’  Well, that’s out the door, if you ask Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo.

Reacting to the recent arrest of Rappler CEO Maria Ressa, Robredo urged the Filipino people to break the law.  “Don’t pay your taxes. Bear false witness against your neighbors and your enemies,” she told The Adobo Chronicles.

Not her words exactly, but it’s how many people are interpreting what she said when she slammed Ressa’s arrest, saying it is tantamount to political harassment.

Ressa has faced two arrest warrants so far: one for tax evasion, the other for cyber libel — none of which had anything to do with her Freedeom of the Press.

Meanwhile, a new social media poll shows that 99% of Filipinos are happy about the arrest of Ressa.  Read all about it HERE.

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