L-R: Misses Philippines, Canada, Guam, Gabon
L-R: Misses Philippines, Canada, Guam, Gabon

Moscow, Russia – With  just nine days before the next Miss Universe is to be chosen in Moscow, Miss Philippines is attracting all the attention. And she is among the top favorites to win the prestigious beauty pageant.  Will it be  a grand slam this year for the Philippines after earlier bagging the Miss World and Miss Supranational crowns ?

But wait, which Miss Philippines? Miss Philippines, Ariella Arida? Miss Canada, Riza Santos? Miss Gabon, Jennifer Ondo? Miss Guam, Alixes Scott? Filipinas all!

Should any of these ladies win the crown, will the Philippines lay claim over her, just like the U.S. laid claim on Miss World Megan Young who was born in the U.S. with an American father and Filipina mother?

Stay tuned.



Images by Pottery Barn
Images by Pottery Barn

San Francisco, California –  The San Francisco-based, upscale retail store Pottery Barn has apologized for selling a Halloween costume of a sushi chef and a kimono that an Asian American Civil Rights group had complained were culturally offensive.  The retailer confirmed that it had removed the items from its website, saying it did not mean to offend anyone with the Halloween attire.

Asian American civil rights activists spoke out after the store began selling the products, a kimono and a sushi chef outfit featuring the Rising Sun of the Japanese flag. The activists demanded the immediate removal of the clothing and requested an apology, saying that the problem is not with the attire itself; it is with the fact that Pottery Barn is marketing these outfits as costumes.

Following the announcement by Pottery Barn, other groups also began demanding that retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, Target, K-Mart, Amazon.com and HalloweenCostumes.com remove clothing items from their Halloween inventory:

Texas Governor Rick Perry and governors of other Southwest states asked the retail outlets to remove cowboy hats from their shelves; the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops demanded that businesses stop selling nuns’ and priests’ habits; and a group representing the Irish community in New York City asked that the sale of kilts be banned during Halloween season.  A South Asian activist group in Berkeley went a step further by petitioning the city to shut down stores selling the Indian sari during the entire Halloween week. In San Francisco, Mayor Ed Lee appealed to drag queens to wear only race-neutral dresses on Halloween night.

The protesting groups joined in the chorus by saying that their traditional attires are not costumes; rather, they represent cultures and religions.  To market the clothing items as Halloween costumes is offensive and can trigger racial or religious violence, they claimed.

Meanwhile The Adobo Chronicles learned from reliable sources that there is a growing movement in many U.S. liberal states that aims to abolish the Halloween holiday altogether. “This way, no one will ever be offended again by costumes that mock countries, peoples and religions,” the movement’s spokesperson said.


imageSan Francisco, California – It was an agreement four years in the making, oftentimes marred by shouting matches among city hall officials, representatives of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, merchants and homeowners.  But the Halloween party in San Francisco’s gay Castro district finally returns in 2014.

It will be recalled that the Halloween bash attracted as many as 500,000 each year and has become a major tourist attraction, second  and third only to the Pride parade and Folsom Street Fair.  Stabbing and shooting incidents, believed to be perpetrated by straight revelers, prompted city officials to permanently ban the event beginning in 2010.

As part of the agreement, the “new” Castro Halloween will be open only to members of the LGBTQ community who will have to register with city hall and be included in a “gay registry.”  Registrants, who will take an oath admitting that they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning, will be issued special identification cards linked to the official registry.  The IDs will be the only accepted pass to gain entry to the Halloween event. ID’s will be scanned at entrances to the event to confirm that individuals are listed in the official registry.

Get ready to say “Boo!” Again.

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