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Bad News For Filipinos Waiting For A U.S. Visa, Courtesy of Donald Trump

Republican National Convention: Day One
Trump (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (The Adobo Chronicles) –  In his acceptance speech during the final night of the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump said that the U.S. must suspend immigration from any nation that has been compromised by terrorism until the vetting methods are improved.  That’s bad news for Filipinos, including those already on a waiting list for a visa number to immigrate to America.

According to the latest visa bulletin from the U.S. State Department, visa numbers for the Philippines are already lagging way behind.

If you’re an unmarried son or daughter of a U.S. citizen, there is currently no visa number available for you if your date of application was prior to March of 2005. If you are a brother or sister of an adult U.S. citizen, visa numbers are available only if you applied prior to February of 1993.

Source: U.S. State Department

Well, all that is only going to get worse, especially because the Philippines is one of the countries “compromised by terrorism” by virtue of Abu Sayyaf and other local rebel elements that have been designated by the United Nations and other countries as “terrorist groups.”

Many Republican Filipinos in the U.S. have expressed regret over voting for Trump in the primary contests and are now having second thoughts about voting for him in the coming November elections.

Thousands of other Filipino Americans who have never voted in U.S. elections are now seriously considering registering to vote  this year just to ensure that Trump does not become president. It’s an “awakening” that’s long overdue.