imageLas Vegas, Nevada (The Adobo Chronicles) –  Jenna Talackova, the 23-year-old woman who forced Donald Trump and his Miss Universe Canada pageant to end its ban on transgender contestants, fell short of the national title last year. But reports from Miss Universe Pageant franchise holders from all over the world are reporting that they have seen an influx of transgender contestant applications this year. Trump is reportedly considering lifting the transgender ban worldwide.

In the Philippines, Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico, aspiring beauty queens are  getting nervous about stiffer competition they are likely to face from transgender contestants. These countries have each had a fair share of international beauty pageant titles, including Miss Universe.

Even Russia, host of last year’s pageant, seemed  open to lifting the transgender ban despite the Putin government’s strict laws against homosexuality.

Transgender people are slowly but surely making their mark in the arts, sports, business and politics, not to mention being poised to be the face of what many people are calling the “next major civil rights movement,” as proven by this week’s  Time magazine cover.

Will the next Miss Universe be  transgender? First, write to Donald Trump and express your support for this long overdue change in the pageant’s discriminatory  policy.

Viva! Mabuhay!  

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