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imageGLENDALE, Arizona (The Adobo Chronicles) – Super Bowl XLIX between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks kicks off at 3:30 pm Pacific today, minus all the commercials.

Sixty second TV ads during the annual NFL championship game have reached an unbelievable $1 Million per spot. Think of how many free Doritos that could mean for millions of Americans!

Just hours before kick-off, all the advertisers in this year’s Super Bowl telecast have withdrawn their commercials. That’s $1 Million in savings for each advertiser, but tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue for the NFL and the NBC Network.

The reason for the sudden withdrawal ?

NBC’s rival network, ABC, has put together all the commercials that were supposed to air during the Super Bowl into a single post on its web site — in advance of the game.

The advertisers said, “Why pay $1 Million per Super Bowl spot when we’re getting it for free?”

Viewers, on the other hand (especially non Seahawks or Patriots fans), said “there’s no reason to watch the game since we’ve already seen all the commercials.”

There are winners and there are losers. And we’re not talking about the Seahawks nor the Patriots.



MetLife Stadium blanketed in snow
MetLife Stadium blanketed in snow

New York, New York – With forecasts of a severe snowstorm in the East Coast on February 2, the National Football League (NFL) made a bold decision today to move the venue for Super Bowl XLVIII from the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey to Candlestick Park in San Francisco. The announcement caused elation on the part of 49er fans despite the fact that the championship trophy is being contested by and between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. The 49ers lost to the Seahawks in last week’s NFC championship.

“That we get to host the Super Bowl is almost as sweet as being in the top two teams,” the fans declared, adding that nothing can prevent them from wearing their 49er hats, jerseys and jackets to the game.

The NFL decision came on the heels of the  snowstorm that blanketed New York and other areas of the Eastern seaboard this week. The league said it cannot gamble on holding the Super Bowl when meteorologists cannot give any assurance that the February 2 game would be snow-free.  MetLife is an open-air stadium.  “We’d rather play under a rainy condition in San Francisco than in a New Jersey snowstorm,” the NFL said.

49er fans said that having a game one last time – a Super Bowl at that – would be a fantastic way to say goodbye to the “Stick.”  The 49ers will be moving into a new stadium in Santa Clara this August.


imageSan Francisco, California – Following the disappointing loss by the San Francisco 49ers to the Seattle Seahawks, Mayor Ed Lee signed an executive order declaring Tuesday, January 21 as a “Day of Silence” in San Francisco.

Lee said that this will give 49er fans the much-needed time to  process their team’s failure to earn a spot in this year’s Superbowl and to recuperate from all the shouting, cheering and screaming that marked Sunday’s NFC championship game.

All city and county offices will be closed on Tuesday, making it a four-day weekend for most San Franciscans.  Monday is also a holiday, being Martin Luther King Day.

San Francisco’s  City Hall which in the past week has been illuminated with the red and gold colors, will go completely dark starting at midnight Sunday until midnight Tuesday.