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SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – In other U.S. cities, protesters block streets and freeways, set vehicles on fire, break storefront windows and loot businesses. In San Francisco, they just take over City Hall.

That’s what happened yesterday as hundreds of protesters rallied at City Hall for a temporary halt to evictions in a popular San Francisco neighborhood where workers in the booming technology sector are accused of pushing out long-time tenants.

The protesters, chanting and screaming in English and Spanish, want a one-year halt on tenant evictions in the diverse Mission District and a two-year moratorium on construction of expensive high and medium-rise condos and other market-rate developments.

They then entered the building and evicted Mayor Ed Lee and all of the members of the city and country board of supervisors.

When City Hall officials called the police department to stop the evictions and restore peace and order, they were informed that 90 percent of the police force, most of them residents of the Mission District, went on leave. They were among the protesters.

Once again, the City by the Bay showed the country — and the world — how things ought to be done. Or undone.


Bandidos_Interior_6-600x398San Francisco, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – What do ‘gangster,’ ‘mob,’ ‘mafia’ and ‘bandido’ have in common?  They all mean criminal or outaw.

There is a Mob Bar in Las Vegas, a Gangsters Bar and Grill in Wisconsin, and lots of Italian Mafia restaurants across the U.S. But in San Francisco – in the heart of politically-correct gay Castro District, some residents are protesting the name of a new Mexican restaurant on Market and Sanchez Streets — Bandidos.

Among those opposed to the name is openly-lesbian Latina comedian Marga Gomez, whose stand-up repertoire often includes names and labels that are not necessarily PG13.  She’s one that would call a spade a spade. We can’t confirm this, but she probably had called out Hooters Restaurant at some point in one of her gigs. She said she would never step inside the restaurant unless it changes its name, and has asked all her friends to do the same.

So why all the fuss about the restaurant name Bandidos?  Does San Francisco have lesser tolerance for criminals and outlaws?  If the protesters lived in Las Vegas, Wisconsin or any other city or state where bars and eateries are named after shady characters, would they be protesting in similar fashion? Is there some sort of gender or sexual orientation twist to their protest?

Well, in an investigation conducted by The Adobo Chronicles, the real reason for the protest was because some language and grammar freaks discovered a glaring error in the new restaurant’s drinks (bebidas) menu. Their margarita drink is named “Bandido Margarita.”  In Spanish, adjectives and nouns must agree, gender-wise.  So the correct name should have been “Bandida Margarita.”

By the way, our favorite Bandidos drink is Juan In A Million. (See drinks menu below). Now that’s grammatically correct because bandido and Juan are both male.