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Indonesian Mayor Links Instant Noodles To Homosexuality; Noodle Sales Down

imageTANGERANG CITY, Indonesia (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It’s genetic. It’s acquired. It’s a punishment from God. It’s the environment. We’ve heard so many theories before about what causes homosexuality, but none as jaw-dropping as this: instant noodles.

The mayor of the city of Tangerang in Indonesia says that the rise in homosexuality in his country is due to a poor diet, including lack of breastfeeding and eating instant noodles. Arief R Wismansyah  made the comments at a pregnancy seminar in the city’s health office.

Just hours after Wismansyah made the statement, noodle companies and retail outlets in Indonesia reported a sharp decline in sales.

In neighboring Philippines, sales of the popular bulalo (bone marrow)-flavored instant noodles are also down, as are those of pad thai noodles in Bangkok and other cities in Thailand.

So, as a public service warning to our non-LGBT readers and followers, think twice before you tear open that cup-o-noodles in you cupboard!



People rest in the backdrop of private residential estates shrouded by haze in Singapore October 25, 2015. Indonesia is preparing warships as a last resort to evacuate children and others suffering from smoke inhalation from slash-and-burn fires, a minister said on Friday, as the country struggles to contain fires expected to continue for weeks. Southeast Asia has suffered for years from annual
People rest in the backdrop of private residential estates shrouded by haze in Singapore (Photo credit: Edgar Su/Reuters)

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – On many occasions, the Philippines has been on the receiving end of international financial and humanitarian aid following devastating natural disasters like 2013’s Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).

Now, the country, most recently described as Asia’s ‘Rising Tiger,’ is poised to be on the giving end, providing much-needed relief to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian nations experiencing a region-wide haze brought about by agricultural fires in East and South Sumatra.

The haze has been blamed for deaths in Indonesia and respiratory illnesses in around 500,000 people. Elsewhere, it has prompted school closures, flight cancellations and virtual shutdowns of towns and cities.

The Philippine donation will come in three colors: yellow, black and red
The Philippine donation will come in three colors: yellow, black and red

President NoyNoy Aquino, in one of his proudest moments in office, announced to the world that his government is donating One Million portable electric fans to be distributed among the affected countries in Asia. In addition, Aquino said the Philippines will be shipping twenty containers of surgical face masks to these countries.

“This is our way of reciprocating the generosity of our Asian neighbors and other foreign governments when it was the Philippines that was needing help and humanitarian relief,” Aquino said.

“The fans will help blow away the haze and the masks will prevent further respiratory illnesses.”

Indeed, a great gesture from the Rising Tiger. No long the ‘Sick Man of Asia.’


JAKARTA, Indonesia (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – “Planting rice is never fun, bent from morn till the set of sun…”

These are lyrics from a Filipino folk song about rice farming, an industry that is shared by many countries in Asia, especially where rice is a major staple.

While modern farming technology is now being used in some rice-producing countries, manual rice planting is still the norm in the Philippines and elsewhere in Asia. It has, in fact become a synchronized sport, as seen in this video.

When the 2018 Asian Games are staged in Jakarta, Indonesia, a new sports competition will make its debut: synchronized rice planting.  Expect to see the best of the best from the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Philippines’ team is going for the gold medal in this new sport, complete with original Pilipino music (OPM).

The next Asian Games were supposed to be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, but the country withdrew its winning bid to host because of economic problems.  Indonesia then stepped up and won the privilege to host in the city of Jakarta.