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Indonesian Mayor Links Instant Noodles To Homosexuality; Noodle Sales Down

imageTANGERANG CITY, Indonesia (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It’s genetic. It’s acquired. It’s a punishment from God. It’s the environment. We’ve heard so many theories before about what causes homosexuality, but none as jaw-dropping as this: instant noodles.

The mayor of the city of Tangerang in Indonesia says that the rise in homosexuality in his country is due to a poor diet, including lack of breastfeeding and eating instant noodles. Arief R Wismansyah  made the comments at a pregnancy seminar in the city’s health office.

Just hours after Wismansyah made the statement, noodle companies and retail outlets in Indonesia reported a sharp decline in sales.

In neighboring Philippines, sales of the popular bulalo (bone marrow)-flavored instant noodles are also down, as are those of pad thai noodles in Bangkok and other cities in Thailand.

So, as a public service warning to our non-LGBT readers and followers, think twice before you tear open that cup-o-noodles in you cupboard!