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imageSANYA, China  (The Adobo Chronicles) – Sometimes, life imitates satire.  We’re previously reported about countries – the Philippines included — being banned from international beauty pageants for various reasons. This time, China banned Miss Canada from participating in the just-concluded 2015 Miss World held in Sanya, China.

Anastasia Lin, who was born in China and moved to Canada as a teen, was supposed to represent Canada at the international pageant.  However, she never stepped foot in Sanya because she was barred from boarding her connecting flight in Hong Kong.

The reason?

Lin is an ouspoken critic of China’s religious and human rights policies.  She believes in Falun Gong, a spiritual group that is banned in China because the government considers it a cult.

Amid all its bullying in the South China Sea, where it claims territorial jurisdiction over islands that other Southeast Asian countries say belong to them, the Chinese government, after all, has displayed an unusual weakness — afraid of a beauty queen.



Sexy Back Pageant Winner
Sexy Back Pageant Winner

Seoul, South Korea (The Adobo Chronicles) –  The Philippines might be the beauty contest capital of the world, but South Korea has emerged as the butty contest capital of the world. Now, that wasn’t a typo. It really is ‘butty.’

Just recently, the Miss South Korea beauty pageant was criticized for its line-up of contestants who, by face standards, seemed to all look alike, thanks to the country’s propensity for plastic surgery, especially by the women.

In an effort to move away from its reputation as the plastic surgery capital of the world — per capita basis — South Korea has come up with a different kind of beauty contest that does not involve facial looks. Instead, the emphasis is on the posterior.

Aptly titled, “Sexy Back Contest ” the women are judged based on the beauty of their behinds. The contestants are made to wear masks to ensure that they are judged not on the basis of their looks.

The first-ever butty contest was held in Seoul, featuring guest performer Justin Timberlake who sang his hit song “SexyBack” during the final segment of the pageant.

Franchise holders of various Philippine beauty pageants have reportedly scheduled an emergency meeting this weekend to strategize on how to unseat South Korea  from the new world title.

Let’s hope the Filipinos will not resort to anything frontal.