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Duterte Unveils Proposed Philippine Railway Plan In Exchange For Giving Up Spratlys To China


imageDAVAO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – With over 7,000 islands separated by water, the Philippines has faced major challenges in bringing about fast and efficient travel within the country, thereby creating barriers in terms of trade, tourism and unity among Filipinos.  Not anymore.

Previously, we reported that presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte promised, if elected, to abandon the Philippines’ claim to the Spratly islands in the South China Sea provided China builds trains that would make it easier for Filipinos to travel within their country.

Duterte’s statement caught the attention of the Beijing government and asked for more specifics.

In response, Duterte unveiled his plan for a Pan-Philippine high-speed railway system that would connect the northernmost province of the Philippines to the southernmost tip in Tawi-Tawi. The Davao City mayor wants China to pay for building the system.

China is reportedly very interested but is withholding a final decision until after the May 9 Philippine presidential elections — just in case Dueterte does not win.

If Elected Philippine President, Duterte Will Auction Off Spratly Islands To China

imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – If elected next president of the Philippines, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will auction off the disputed Spratly islands to China in exchange for trains.

Speaking at a press conference in Palawan, Duterte suggested he is willing to keep quiet on the Philippines’ claim to the islands as long as China builds a train around Mindanao, build a train from Manila to Bicol, and build a train going to Batangas.

The Spratlys, a group of islands located in the South China Sea, have been the subject of fierce dispute between China and the Philippines, as well as other Southeast Asian countries that also lay claim to the oil-rich  territories.

Duterte acknowledged that for the  Philippines to engage in a war with China over the Spratlys is a losing proposition, comparing the military capabilities of both countries.

However, if worse comes to worse, Duterte said he will board a boat headed for the disputed islands, wave the Filipino flag and wait for the Chinese to shoot him dead.

“It’s been my ambition to become the first Filipino national hero from Mindanao,” he said.



President Aquino Defends Chinese Attack On Filipino Fishermen In Disputed South China Sea

imageKUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Fire hoses, not water cannons, were used recently on Filipino fishermen by Chinese coast guards in the Philippines’ Panatag Shoal or Bajo de Masinloc in the disputed South China Sea territory, President NoyNoy Aquino has clarified.

The President said the government has already obtained the affidavits from the fishermen who were reportedly prohibited by a Chinese patrol ship from fishing in the shoal.  His statement came during his meeting with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak at his office in Putrajaya.

“I brought it up as part of our discussions before the expanded bilateral (meeting). I mentioned that there has been this reported recent issue again on Scarborough,” the President said in a media interview in Kuala Lumpur last Friday.

“Fire hose, not water cannon, was used based on the report I received. We have affidavits from the fishermen involved,” Aquino added.

Today, Malacañang responded to critics who condemned Aquino’s statement which seemed to defend the Chinese action.

“It’s just like stabbing someone with a butter knife as opposed to a steak knife,” a presidential spokesperson said. “It is not the same, just like there is a difference between a water hose and a water cannon.”

Huh?  The president’s statement may be dumb, but the justification issued by his press office is dumber.

It’s more fun in the Philippines.