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SEOUL, South Korea (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – In the concert stage, there’s always a wardrobe malfunction.  Then there’s a stage malfunction.

It has happened to the most veteran of performers like Madonna or the best trained beauty pageant contestants — taking a fall on stage in front of millions of viewers.

During a performance Saturday in South Korea, one of the members of girlband GFriend took a number of painful looking falls onstage.

Yuju, easily identified by a white knee guard, fell eight times over the course of one song, and another member SinB took a big spill in the middle of the stage.

To the girls’ credit, they managed to pick themselves up after each tumble and rejoin the others on cue pretty seamlessly.

The girlband is reportedly considering filing a lawsuit for the stage debacle.  However, it wasn’t clear whether it will be filing a lawsuit against the concert promoter for the stage malfunction, or the shoe manufacturer for wardrobe malfunction.

Stay tuned!


Photo: inquirer.net
Photo: inquirer.net

SEOUL, South Korea (The Adobo Chronicles®) – A 2014 study commissioned by the national legislature concluded that South Koreans could face natural extinction by the year 2750, if the birthrate were maintained at 1.19 children per woman.

Not only is the South Korean population aging (like in Japan and the US), but birthrates are also falling and women are increasingly less inclined to get married.

In 2013, the country’s birth rate plummeted to the lowest level on record: Only 8.6 babies per 1,000 South Koreans were born, and the total number of births fell by 9.9% to the second-lowest number on record.

Furthermore, a government survey of respondents aged 9 to 24 showed that only 45.6% of women “said marriage was something they should do in life,” considerably lower than the 62.9% of men.

Overall, the average South Korean woman is expected to give birth to 1.187 babies in her lifetime — the fifth lowest fertility in the world.

In contrast, neighboring country Philippines, with a current population of 100 Million (twice that of South Korea),  has a birthrate of 24.4 babies per 1,000 Filipinos.

One of Metro Manila's cities, Pasig, from the air
One of Metro Manila’s cities, Pasig, from the air

Unless the Philippine government comes up with a solid plan to control population growth, there will not be enough land space to accommodate all Filipinos by the year 2750.

But controlling population is almost out of the question in this predominantly Catholic country, where church officials even encourage Filipinos to make more babies so that the Philippines will have enough workers in call centers as more foreign investors increasingly outsource their manpower requirements.

Urban areas like Metro Manila will be packed like sardines and the population will have to disperse to the rural areas.

Still, that would not be enough to house all Filipinos.

The only option is to build house boats and a good percentage of Filipinos will be living on water — which is plenty in this nation of 7,100 islands.

This dire prediction could only emphasize the need for the Philippines to aggressively defend its claim over islands and waters in the South China Sea — a hotbed of territorial conflict between China and the Philippines, along with other Southeast Asian nations.


Sexy Back Pageant Winner
Sexy Back Pageant Winner

Seoul, South Korea (The Adobo Chronicles) –  The Philippines might be the beauty contest capital of the world, but South Korea has emerged as the butty contest capital of the world. Now, that wasn’t a typo. It really is ‘butty.’

Just recently, the Miss South Korea beauty pageant was criticized for its line-up of contestants who, by face standards, seemed to all look alike, thanks to the country’s propensity for plastic surgery, especially by the women.

In an effort to move away from its reputation as the plastic surgery capital of the world — per capita basis — South Korea has come up with a different kind of beauty contest that does not involve facial looks. Instead, the emphasis is on the posterior.

Aptly titled, “Sexy Back Contest ” the women are judged based on the beauty of their behinds. The contestants are made to wear masks to ensure that they are judged not on the basis of their looks.

The first-ever butty contest was held in Seoul, featuring guest performer Justin Timberlake who sang his hit song “SexyBack” during the final segment of the pageant.

Franchise holders of various Philippine beauty pageants have reportedly scheduled an emergency meeting this weekend to strategize on how to unseat South Korea  from the new world title.

Let’s hope the Filipinos will not resort to anything frontal.