Leni Robredo’s Speech At London School Of Economics Lukewarmly Received

183A0D0D-9C02-4AED-AA06-4D01EBCE4D69.jpegLONDON, United Kingdom (The Adobo Chronices, Berlin Bureau)- Organizers of Leni Robredo’s speaking engagement at the London School of Economics (LSE) must be twisting and turning in bed tonight following the lukewarm reception extended to the Philippine Vice President.

Outside, a group of London Filipinos staged a protest rally, calling Robredo a ‘fake VP’ and expressing disgust over news from back home that the recount of votes in the 2016 VP Elections was marred with discovery of wet ballots and missing vote logs.

D98EE2B8-CBBD-4F17-9742-3A0A940A079AInside, Robredo tackled the issue of politics and its role in alleviating poverty.  She talked about her programs distributing free lugaw (rice porridge) to poor Filipinos.

Sources present at Robredo’s speech told The Adobo Chronicles that leading economists and some students in attendance walked out in the middle of her talk. They expected a more scholarly speech and were clearly disappointed.


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