Duterte Orders Closure of EDSA — For Good

D6EB950F-3EEC-4DEB-BB1B-938A435723FAMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has no patience for evironmental destruction, or nightmarish traffic.

Earlier, Duterte ordered the closure and rehabilitation of Boracay, once the country’s top tourist destination because of its white sandy beaches and pristine natural surroundings.  Now, Boracay is the poster destination for pollution and decay.  So he ordered its closure and rehabilitation.

Now, the President is fed up with the nightmarish traffic on EDSA, Metro Manila’s main thoroughfare that. No solution is in sight.  So, Duterte has ordered the permanent closure of EDSA as a way to solve, once and for all, the traffic mess, as well as prevent any more groups to stage protest rallies which aggravate the already parking lot status of the avenue.

Today, the Duterte government put up a sign (see photo), looking for buyers for the entire EDSA.  It’s a prelude to its permanent closure.

It seems Duterte’s meme of “Build, Build, Build” is slowly changing to “Close, Close, Close.”

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