Adobo Chronicles Confirms New York Times’ Report On Extra-Judicial Killings In The Streets Of Manila

IMG_0017MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – In yet another report that seeks to put President Rodigo Duterte and the Philippines in a bad light, The New York Times posted a documentary to show the world that Filipinos are living in fear and grief as a result of alleged extra-judicial killings due to the government’s campaign against illegal drugs.

The documentary claims that the “body count rises daily” on the streets of Manila.

The Adobo Chronicles sent its own investigative team of reporters and photographers to confirm what was reported by the Times.

We can now categorically say that the NYT report was mostly true!

As we walked the streets of Manila — from Tondo to Mandaluyong, from Pasay to Makati — we could not believe what we saw: dead bodies piled up everywhere!

We documented every single dead body we encountered and came up with these numbers which seem to match up perfectly with the 7,000 EJKs reported by the news media here and abroad:

  • Ants – 2,800
  • Flies – 1,200
  • Cockroach – 1,500
  • Rats – 500
  • Lizards – 500
  • Could not be identified because of advanced decay – 500

Our investigation only proves that The New York Times is a very reliable source of fair, accurate and balanced reporting.  We urge you to subscribe now!


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