BREAKING: U.S. Citizens Now Need A Visa and $10,000 To Visit Philippines

img_6490BEIJING, China (The Adobo Chronicles, Tokyo Bureau) – Filipinos, no more the little brown brothers of America. With no equal benefits.

Speaking to the Filipino community in China’s capital on Wednesday, Phi lipping President Rodrigo Roa Duterte complained that Americans can enter the Philippines visa-free while Filipinos have a hard time securing a travel document to visit the US.

Duterte said he was once denied a US visa when he planned to visit a girlfriend in college. He narrated that he was asked what would happen if he decided to marry and stay in the US, to which he replied,  ‘Mr. Consul, even if you offer me free visas for a lifetime and even if you offer me 10,000 dollars, I’d still return to my country and be a Filipino.’

So now, it’s time for reckoning.

Effective immediately, all US citizens visiting the Philippines — including President Obama and other American politicians — will be required to secure a visa. In addition, they have to pay the Philippine government 10,000 in non-refundable, good faith green bucks as an insurance that they will not overstay their visas and become TNTs (Tago ng Tago). Mastercard, American Express or Discover cards will not be accepted.

TNT, which literally means ‘always hiding,’ is often used to refer to Filipinos who overstay their visas in the US.



5 thoughts on “BREAKING: U.S. Citizens Now Need A Visa and $10,000 To Visit Philippines”

  1. This is complete bs. Duterte did not implement any such restrictions on U.S. citizens traveling to the Philippines. Any such change in visa policy would have to be drafted and then submitted to the Philippine Senate to be voted on first. No draft has been written and the Senate is not even discussing the matter.


    1. It might be all rhetoric on his part but this is creating a dilemma for me and my classmates/families here in the US since there are quite of a few of us planning to attend our high school reunion in January and/or visit families.


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