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SPAM Musubi
SPAM Musubi

HONOLULU, Hawaii (The Adobo Chronicles) – First, it was the Filipino longganisa and tocino  makers that were up in arms against the World Health Organization (WHO) for releasing a study that concludes processed meat causes cancer.

Now, all of Hawaii is protesting against the international organization for one reason: SPAM musubi.

SPAM, of course, is the canned processed meat manufactured by Minnesota-based Hormel Foods.  Like all other processed meat products, SPAM is preserved by using a carcinogenic ingredient known as sodium nitrate, which WHO says is responsible for causing cancer.

SPAM musubi is a popular snack and lunch food in Hawaii composed of a slice of grilled SPAM on top of a block of rice, wrapped together with nori dried seaweed in the tradition of Japanese omusubi.

Inexpensive and portable, SPAM musubi are commonly found near cash registers in ABC stores, refrigerated sections of supermarkets and hole-in-the-wall food outlets and trucks all over Hawaii.

Even the McDonald’s chain stores in the islands serve SPAM as part of their island breakfast menu of SPAM, Portuguese sausage (another cancer-causing food), eggs and rice.

Hawaii residents are planning to form a human chain along the entire stretch of Waikiki Beach this Sunday to register their protest against WHO.

“Leave our SPAM alone,” one Filipino Hawaii resident exclaimed as he ordered his island breakfast at McDonald’s on Kalakaua Avenue.


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MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – What would a Filipino breakfast be like without longganisa (sausage) and tocino (pork or chicken cured meat)? Both, of course, are processed meats which the World Health Organization (WHO) is now officially saying cause cancer.

WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), in a report released in the Lancet medical journal, says that many studies show the links between cancer and the consumption of hot dog, bacon, red  meat and processed pork, beef and lamb.

“These findings further support current public health recommendations to limit intake of meat,” Dr. Christopher Wild, who directs IARC, said in a statement.

Edgardo de la Cruz, president of the National Association of Longganisa and Tocino Makers (NALTM) said his group disputes the WHO findings, saying that Filipinos (and Filipino expatriates) have been eating their products every morning for many decades without any reports of increased cancer incidence.

“It is unfair to single  out processed meat among the many food products and beverages that do, indeed, cause cancer,” de la Cruz said, adding, “We demand that WHO retract its statement because it will have a very serious impact on the longganisa and tocino business.”

NALTM is afraid that the WHO announcement will cause heart attack among small business owners who depend on longannisa and tocino-making, much more than processed meat will cause cancer.


Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Newark, New Jersey  (The Adobo Chronicles) – He blames President Obama for the one Ebola death and three infections in the U.S. and has repeatedly called for the total ban of all incoming flights from Africa. Yesterday, business magnate Donald Trump was put under a mandatory 21-day quarantine.

Trump was quarantined as he arrived at Newark Airport in New Jersey on a flight from Florida where he conducted a site inspection of the venue for the next Miss Universe Pageant in Miami. The states of New York and New Jersey have implemented a mandatory quarantine for  people suspected of carrying the Ebola virus or who are considered at ‘high risk.’

New Jersey Goveror Chris Christie said that Trump’s quarantine was imposed out of an abundance of caution. “Trump is known to be a frequent world traveler and it is quite possible that he has been in direct contact with Ebola patients or healthcare workers who have been treating patients,” Christie said.

Upon his arrival at Newark Airport, Trump complained of a slight fever. Lately, he has also exhibited lapses in memory, hair loss, foul mouth and irrational thoughts.  Although these are not necessarily the known symptoms of Ebola, the New Jersey Health Department wanted to be proactive about ensuring that potential spread of the deadly virus is nipped in the bud.

Everyone who had been in close contact with Trump (except on his Twitter page) in the last few weeks are advised to voluntarily quarantine themselves for 21 days and to watch out for possible symptoms like fever, vomiting, diarrhea or bleeding. “Also, if you are experiencing Trump-like symptoms, call 911 immediately,” Christie said.