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Caballo Island, off Manila Bay
Caballo Island, off Manila Bay

Caballo Island, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – We say again: It’s More Fun in the Philippines.

In the U.S., citizens returning from Ebola-stricken countries in West Africa are quarantined in tents and isolated in hospitals. In the Philippines, they are offered a three-week luxury vacation in a resort island just off Manila Bay.

An island hosting a Philippine Navy installation will serve as home for three weeks for 112 Filipino peacekeepers returning from Ebola-stricken Liberia. The members of the Philippine contingent will be quarantined on Caballo Island, located 2.6 miles east of Corregidor, when they return to the country on Nov. 11.

“The peacekeepers will enjoy their stay in that island,” Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) public affairs chief Lt. Col. Harold Cabunoc told reporters at Camp Aguinaldo yesterday. He said the soldiers can go fishing and nature tripping. If they choose to stay indoors, the peacekeepers can surf the Internet or watch their favorite cable channel.

Cabunoc said the island stay is a fitting reward for the Filipino troops who risked their lives to maintain peace in Liberia.

Meanwhile, Philippine Senator Miriam Santiago proposed a new bill designating Caballo Island as a quanrantine island for all corrupt politcians convicted of or facing graft and  corruption or plunder charges.  “Nothing is a more appropriate punishment than isolating all evil people in the same small island,” Santiago said. “I know they can’t stand each other, so that would be a better option than locking them up in individual prison cells,” she added.


imageSan Francisco, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – Friday’s victory parade for the World Series champs has been cancelled, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee announced this morning. The San Francisco Giants beat the Kansas City Royals in Game 7 Wednesday night to clinch its third World Series title in five years.

The announcement came after Lee received a call from from Kansas City Mayor Sly James that the entire San Francisco team has been quarantined for 21 days and barred from flying.

The state of Kansas has declared a new viral outbreak that’s highly contagious, more so than Ebola. The outbreak seemed to have started during Game 6 of the World Series. Tens of thousands of baseball fans, many of whom came in direct contact with the Giants, exhibited severe symptoms of euphoria, nervous breakdown, intoxication, inflammation of the vocal cords and hypertension — all of which were traced back to Game 6. By Game 7, the new contagion tripled, causing the state of Kansas to declare a health emergency. A new symptom — depression — developed overnight but strangely enough, only the Royals fans are exhibiting it.

Upon consultation with the Feds, notably the Centers for Disease Control, Kansas imposed a mandatory 21-day quarantine on all who attended Games 6 and 7 of the Word Series at the Kauffman stadium. Unfortunately, that includes the Giants team.

Mayor Lee asked for calm in San Francisco and promised that the victory parade will be rescheduled immediately after the Giants are released from quarantine.

Madison Bumgarner, who is widely credited for his role in clinching the World Series title for the Giants, tweeted from Kansas: ‘Bummer!’


Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Newark, New Jersey  (The Adobo Chronicles) – He blames President Obama for the one Ebola death and three infections in the U.S. and has repeatedly called for the total ban of all incoming flights from Africa. Yesterday, business magnate Donald Trump was put under a mandatory 21-day quarantine.

Trump was quarantined as he arrived at Newark Airport in New Jersey on a flight from Florida where he conducted a site inspection of the venue for the next Miss Universe Pageant in Miami. The states of New York and New Jersey have implemented a mandatory quarantine for  people suspected of carrying the Ebola virus or who are considered at ‘high risk.’

New Jersey Goveror Chris Christie said that Trump’s quarantine was imposed out of an abundance of caution. “Trump is known to be a frequent world traveler and it is quite possible that he has been in direct contact with Ebola patients or healthcare workers who have been treating patients,” Christie said.

Upon his arrival at Newark Airport, Trump complained of a slight fever. Lately, he has also exhibited lapses in memory, hair loss, foul mouth and irrational thoughts.  Although these are not necessarily the known symptoms of Ebola, the New Jersey Health Department wanted to be proactive about ensuring that potential spread of the deadly virus is nipped in the bud.

Everyone who had been in close contact with Trump (except on his Twitter page) in the last few weeks are advised to voluntarily quarantine themselves for 21 days and to watch out for possible symptoms like fever, vomiting, diarrhea or bleeding. “Also, if you are experiencing Trump-like symptoms, call 911 immediately,” Christie said.