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imageWASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – In a move that surprised the journalism industry, The Washington Post today converted from a respected mainstream newspaper to a supermarket tabloid, as a way of coping with declining subscriptions and advertising revenue.

The Post now puts itself in direct competition with the popular tabloid National Enquirer, known for gossip columns, sensationalized ‘news’ stories and street journalism.

The Post’s maiden issue as a tabloid hit the news stands today with a headline story on the Oregon school mass shooting.

In its headline and front page story, The Post blamed President Obama for the school shooting and noted that there has not been  a calendar week during the president’s second term that there wasn’t a mass shooting.

Sources close to The Post  confirmed that the newspaper has received  new major funding from the National Rifle Association and other lobby groups that roam Capitol Hill.

Washington Post Misses Wednesday Edition, Blames Pizza Hut

imageWASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles) – If you’re wondering why your favorite newspaper rack for The Washington Post is empty today, wonder no more. The country’s leading print newspaper does not have a Wednesday edition.

Yesterday, in the spirit of public service, newsroom staff of the Post participated in a taste test of the new Pizza Hut hot dog-stuffed crust. “We’re doing the tasting so that you don’t have to,” the staff said in a recorded video of the taste test.

Staff reaction to the new pizza which will officially launch Thursday  was, at best, lukewarm. Many found the pepperoni and hot dog combination unnecessary and far from appetizing.image

Now back to why there is no Wednesday edition of the Post this week. All staff that participated in the Pizza Hut taste test left the newsroom early Tuesday. They all suffered from indigestion.

But not to worry, you can still read the paper’s online edition.

As for the hot dog pizza? Well, you just need to make your own judgment Thursday.

And oh, don’t forget the mustard.




Graphic credit: Gawker's Jim Cooke
Graphic credit: Gawker’s Jim Cooke

Seattle, Washington – Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has purchased The Washington Post from the Graham family for a bargain price of $250 million.  The shocking news came just days after Boston Red Sox owner John Henry announced the purchase of The Boston Globe from The New York Times Company for a give-away $70 million.  The Post and The Globe have joined the string of newspaper companies being sold , a sign of times-a-changing.  More and more print newspapers are going under, thanks to the stiff competition from the Internet and declining revenues from print ads.

But there is good news for loyal consumers of newsprint, specifically The Post.  Amazon has just announced that as part of the restructuring of the business side of the newspaper, subscribers will receive free shipping if they sign up for subscription on the Amazon.com site, regardless of where — in the world –  they want their paper to be delivered. Additionally, Bezos said that consumers who buy $10 worth of any goods sold by Amazon will get a free one year’s subscription to The Post.

The Adobo Chronicles also learned that as part of the its new business strategy, Amazon will use old copies of The Post to wrap Amazon products for shipping. “It’s a win-win for everybody. Consumers will even be able to read old news,” Bezos said.