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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

NEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump today accused Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of being a ‘copycat.’

Israel has begun building a fence along part of the country’s eastern border with Jordan as Syrian civil war refugees and other migrants flee their countries. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday: “We see today what happens when countries lose control of their borders. Earlier in the day,  Netanyahu bemoaned the “human tragedy” of Syria’s civil war and said Israel has helped out victims. However, he said Israel isn’t large enough to do much more.

Trump told reporters that “The Israeli prime minister needs to be more original in his pronouncements and policies instead of copying my ideas.”

Trump had proposed building a ‘great wall’ along the entire U.S.-Mexico border as a way to stop illegal immigration. He fell short of asking Netanyahu to pay him royalty fees for stealing his idea.


imageNEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – You can’t run for president of the United States and be silent about a worsening international crisis like the exodus of Syrian refugees trying  to escape torture and violence perpetrated by a repressive regime.

But for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, it is such a huge dilemma considering his recent campaign pronouncements against illegal immigration and promise to deport all 11 Million undocument immigrants now living in the U.S.

Finally today, the Trump campaign found the right balance between its candidate’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and his compassionate stance on refugees.

Speaking to reporters at the penthouse suite of the Trump Towers in New York City, The Donald said that if elected president, he will allow the entry of one Syrian refugee into the U.S. in exchange for every undocument immigrant deported by the Department of Homeland Security. He even offered to open his real estate properties as temporary housing for refugees.

Trump may have finally answered questions from political opponents and  critics on how exactly he plans to deport all the 11 Million undocumented immigrants. He may have also accidentally demonstrated his brilliance on international diplomacy.

(If able to, we encourage our readers to donate to their choice of charity for the Syrian Refugee Relief Fund)


imageVILNIUS, Lithuania —Armed with $1 Billion vouchers, U.S.  Secretary of State John Kerry is in Europe courting international support for a possible U.S. military strike on Syria for alleged use of chemical weapons.

Kerry, the Obama administration’s chief salesman for a U.S. punitive strike, will meet Saturday with European officials about the Syrian crisis and update them on ongoing peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

President Barack Obama decided last weekend to postpone any military action and seek the backing of Congress before proceeding to violate the United Nations Charter.

The administration is running out of options for gaining support. A favorable Congressional vote is doubtful. U.S. Allies have not aligned with the U.S. The G20 leaders were lukewarm. The U.N. Secretary General is opposed. Polls show 6 in 10 Americans do not support the strike.

“This is our last straw ” Kerry said. “Any country that will support our planned military strike will get $1 Billion in U.S. aid, provided they sign on within the next 3 days. U.S. credibility is what’s at stake here, ” he added.

Asked by The Adobo Chronicles  where the funds will come from, Kerry replied, “Oh, it’s part of the little-known presidential pork barrel. We have not touched it in 5 years. The time has come.”