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imageManila, Philippines – It’s all about oil. U.S. interest seems to be shifting from the Middle East to Asia, particularly the oil-rich waters surrounding the Philippines, China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. Tension has been rising among and between the governments of these countries over territorial claims in around South China Sea and the Spratly Islands.

Overtly, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is in the Philippines to try to ease tensions between the Manila and Beijing governments, urging China to go easy on imposing no-fly and no-sail zones over the disputed territories between the two countries.

Covertly, as confirmed by latest tweets from suspected American security secrets leaker Edward Snowden, Kerry is in Manila talking up the Aquino government to seriously consider becoming the 51st state of the U.S.  Kerry said that becoming a U.S. state would be in the best interest of the Philippines because it would essentially  put the American military at its disposal in its dispute with China. Of course, what Kerry is not saying is that it would grant the U.S. full access to the area’s rich oil resources.

The Filipino sentiment against American colonialism has significantly changed since the U.S. military bases were practically  driven out of the Philippines in the early 1990’s. There is a growing  displeasure with the Manila government. Filipinos are fed up with political dynasties, incompetence, corruption and all that kind of stuff.

Is it time to add another star to the stars and stripes?


imageVILNIUS, Lithuania —Armed with $1 Billion vouchers, U.S.  Secretary of State John Kerry is in Europe courting international support for a possible U.S. military strike on Syria for alleged use of chemical weapons.

Kerry, the Obama administration’s chief salesman for a U.S. punitive strike, will meet Saturday with European officials about the Syrian crisis and update them on ongoing peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

President Barack Obama decided last weekend to postpone any military action and seek the backing of Congress before proceeding to violate the United Nations Charter.

The administration is running out of options for gaining support. A favorable Congressional vote is doubtful. U.S. Allies have not aligned with the U.S. The G20 leaders were lukewarm. The U.N. Secretary General is opposed. Polls show 6 in 10 Americans do not support the strike.

“This is our last straw ” Kerry said. “Any country that will support our planned military strike will get $1 Billion in U.S. aid, provided they sign on within the next 3 days. U.S. credibility is what’s at stake here, ” he added.

Asked by The Adobo Chronicles  where the funds will come from, Kerry replied, “Oh, it’s part of the little-known presidential pork barrel. We have not touched it in 5 years. The time has come.”