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Prince Harry To Replace Emma Stone As San Francisco Ginger Pride Parade Grand Marshall

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – San Francisco’s planned Ginger Pride celebration in 2016 just got better. The Pride Committee has just announced that Prince Harry will replace actress Emma Stone as the parade’s celebrity grand marshall.

Earlier, San Francisco  Mayor Ed Lee revealed that the grand marshall will be the naturally-blonde Hollywood star, but ginger people from all over the world sent letters of protest demanding that a real ginger be designated grand marshall. 

The committee has been in secret negotiations with ginger-haired international celebrities in the last several months. Today  it has confirmed that the dashing prince has agreed to lead the San Francisco parade. image

Individuals and contingents wishing to be part of the grand parade,  still to be scheduled, are asked to register with the San Francisco mayor’s office. Proof of ginger hair is required, such as passport photos or selfies

Click HERE for more details about the San Francisco Ginger Pride Celebration.



Prince Harry
Prince Harry

London, England (The Adobo Chronicles) – Just in time for World AIDS Day, a new social media campaign has been launched in London aimed at ending the stigma for those living with HIV /AIDS.

The campaign, projected to eclipse the phenomenal ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” last summer, encourages people to reveal a personal secret on social media as a way to encourage those with HIV to come out and not be ashamed of their status.

The campaign has no less than Prince Harry as its celebrity spokesperson, taping a video message that revealed his one long-kept secret and encouraging others to reveal their own secrets.

In his taped message, Prince Harry revealed his secret – that he is not gay.

What is YOUR secret? Post it on social media with the hashtag:



photo(282)London, U.K. – Most everyone is familiar with postpartum depression which affects 10-20 percent of childbearing women.  But doctors at the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine have discovered a rare form of depression that afflicts individuals other than the women giving birth. Amid the frenzy over the impending birth of the first child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, doctors announced that the first patient they have ever diagnosed with this rare depression was no less than Prince Harry.

Doctors are calling this disease “prepartum depression,” apparently caused by panic or anxiety over an impending birth of a child.  Hospital records show that Prince Harry has been suffering from this condition for 9 months now.  It began immediately after the announcement that the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant.

The Senior Psychiatrist at the Centre, speaking to paparazzis camped outside the facility, said that Prince Harry’s depression was caused by the fact that the younger brother of Prince William has been “deposed” from his spot in the ascendancy to the British throne.  Prior to the pregnancy of Kate Middleton, Prince Harry was 3rd in line to inherit the throne, next to Prince Charles and Prince William. Prince Harry was reportedly resorting to drugs and alcohol, as well as behavior not befitting of royalty, since he learned of the arrival of the Royal Baby.

Doctors are closely monitoring Prince Harry’s condition, but would not confirm whether the Prince’s depression would automatically convert to postpartum depression once the Royal Baby is born.