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Huckabee, left, and the rainbow Doritos chips
Huckabee, left, and the rainbow Doritos chips

WASHINGTON, D.C.  (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – Donald Trump launched his bid for the Republican  presidential nomination by waging war against Mexicans and immigrants and it has paid off for him and his campaign. He continues to surge as the frontrunner in the polls, way ahead of his GOP co-candidates.

Mike Huckabee is fast catching on, however, and may finally be chipping away on Trump’s monopoly on media coverage.

First, Huckabee jumped on the national controversy regarding Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, in violation of a court order.  Upon her release from county prison, Huckabee stood by Davis’ side and proclaimed that the courts and others are engaged in an attack against Christian values.

Now, Huckabee is attacking Doritos, makers of tortilla and other kinds of chips, and he is getting the media attention he has been seeking.

After Frito-Lay this month said it would mail rainbow-colored Doritos chips to consumers who donate money to the It Gets Better Project, a nonprofit helping the  LGBT community, Huckabee went on the offensive against the snack-maker.

In a letter sent to Frito-Lay on Tuesday, Huckabee said Dan Savage, the man behind the group benefiting from the bags, has for years made “very hateful and vulgar comments toward Christians” and called “for violence and injury to people he disagrees with.”

The letter follows one he sent four days earlier in which Huckabee first asked Frito-Lay to stop raising money for Savage’s project.  The chip maker has not responded to either letter.

So far, the only apparent response Huckabee was getting was news that Doritos has sold out all of its rainbow-colored chips and has a long back-order list that it is trying to fulfill.

(There is also some unconfirmed news that the state of California is in short supply of avocados, the main ingredient in guacamole which goes perrfectly with Dorito chips.)

It is a win for Doritos and the LGBT community, but it is a loss for Trump who is on the losing end of Huckabee’s media-grabbing antics.

Is this the beginning of the end for Trump?


Coulter (Screen grab)

NEW YORK, New York (Exclusive to The Adobo Chronicles® ) – It’s cliché, but the saying, ‘Birds of the same feather flock together’ does hold true, especially in politics.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the Republican party where self-proclaimed leaders and their believers or followers find delight in singing the same tune.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump makes no secret about his disdain for Mexicans, calling them rapists, drug addicts and criminals and vowing to keep them out of the U.S. if he is elected president of the United States.

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter sings the same tune, and is probably even more vocal and blunt than Trump.  In a recent television interview, Coulter said: “I will bet you by the end of the weekend, more Americans will have been killed by Mexicans than by ISIS or by sharks.”

Today, Trump named Coulter as his vice presidential running mate. He made the announcement in an email to The Adobo Chronicles.

It is unconventional that a U.S. presidential aspirant would name his or her VP nominee even before he or she is officially proclaimed as the party’s nominee.

But nothing is conventional with Trump. And nothing is conventional either for Coulter.

As we mentioned, birds of the same feather flock together.

But whether or not  this flock wins this particular contest remains to be seen.


The very first Miss Universe (1952), Armi Kuusela
The very first Miss Universe (1952), Armi Kuusela

MIAMI, Florida (The Adobo Chronicles®) – After 63 years of existence, the Miss Universe Pageant is coming to an end, thanks to owner Donald Trump.

(The very first Miss Universe was Armi Kuusela from Finland, who shortly after being crowned in 1952, married a Filipino Virgilio Hilario, now deceased.  Kuusela has since remarried and now lives in San Diego, California)

After Mexico and Paraguay pulled out of the pageant because of Trump’s racist remarks about Mexicans — calling them “rapists, drug addicts and criminals” — the Republican presidential candidate knew a bigger fall out was about to happen.  Other Spanish-speaking countries are also considering dropping out of the international pageant.

Then came recent remarks by Trump, this time directed at African Americans.  “African American youth had reached a point where they’ve just about never done more poorly, there’s no spirit, there’s killings on an hourly basis virtually in places like Baltimore and Chicago and many other places,” he said during a campaign stop.

Trump also criticized his opponent, Jeb Bush,  saying that, “If Bush gets in, China will absolutely eat our lunch.”

And so the bigger fallout began:  countries in Africa are also pulling out of the Miss Universe pageant, in solidarity with African Americans.

Many Asian countries are also backing out from sending contestants to the pageant because of Trump’s comments about China.

Realizing that only European countries are left to participate in Miss Universe, Trump decided to cancel the pageant altogether.

“No big deal,” he said, “I’d rather be president of the United States than be an owner of a beauty pageant.

Trump has risen to the number two spot, behind Jeb Bush, in recent polls among Republican candidates for president.  Apparently, his racial rhetoric is working in his favor.