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Italy’s Singing Nun To Join Madonna’s Second Manila and Singapore ‘Rebel Heart’ Concerts

imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – This week, Singapore Archbishop William Goh has said that it is the Catholics’ moral obligation not to support those who denigrate and insult religions, including anti-Christian and immoral values promoted by the secular world.  He made the statement in reference to Madonna’s upcoming  ‘Rebel Heart’ concert.

“There is no neutrality in faith; one is either for or against. Being present (at these events) in itself is a counter witness. Obedience to God and His commandments must come before the arts. As the people of God, we should subscribe to authentic Arts that lead us to God through the appreciation of beauty, harmony, goodness, truth and love, respect, unity and the transcendent; and not support the ‘pseudo arts’ that promote sensuality, rebellion, disrespect, pornography, contamination of the mind of the young, abusive freedom, individualism at the expense of the common good, vulgarity, lies and half-truths,” Goh said.

In the Philippines, where Madonna staged her first of two Manila concerts last night, another archbishop, Ramon Arguelles, warned the country’s Catholic faithful to be aware of the “subtle attack of evil” and discouraged them from watching the concert.

Well, leave it to Madonna to respond in the most subtle of ways.

The queen of pop today announced that she is flying in Sister Cristina Scuccia from Italy to join her on stage during her second Manila concert as well as her concert in Singapore.

Sister Cristina, was the nun who won Italy’s version of The Voice. Since winning the competition, she has released her first single, complete with music video: a slowed-down cover of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.”

The singing nun will sing a duet with Madonna, and yes, it will be “Like a Virgin.” No pointed bras for the sister, just plain old nun’s habit.

And did we already tell you, Sister Cristina has Pope  Francis’ blessings?




Manila Chosen As Site For Super Bowl 51

Miss Universe at Super Bowl 50
Miss Universe at Super Bowl 50

SANTA CLARA, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – If you’re wondering what Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach of the Philippines was doing at Super Bowl 50’s Media Night in San Jose, wonder no more.

She masqueraded as a correspondent for Inside Edition but her secret mission was to convince the National Football League (NFL) to bring Super Bowl 51 to Manila.

And it worked. The NFL announced today that next year’s Super Bowl will be held at the Philippine Arena, just a few miles north of Manila.

Before you wonder once more how Super Bowl could be held in a city that does not even have a team in the NFL, think again:

Super Bowl 50 is being held at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, headquarters of the 49ers who are not even in this year’s championship game. (Not to mention San Francisco which is hosting Super Bowl City when the game is not even being held in The City.)

The Philippine Arena is one of the largest, if not the largest, indoor arenas in the world.

Imagine all the spectacle and possibilities of Super Bowl being held indoors in a country where everything is more fun.

It will make the Super Bowl a truly international event, unlike baseball’s World Series which is, in reality, only a North American Series.


If Elected President, Rodrigo Duterte Will Commute Daily Between Manila And His Hometown Of Davao City

The Philippine presidential plane
The Philippine presidential plane

DAVAO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) –  It’s a one hour and forty five-minute flight from Manila to Davao City.  Manila is where the Philippine presidential palace is located, and Davao is where presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte lives.

Duterte likes to sleep in his own bed, so if he is elected president in the May elections, the Davao City mayor says he plans to go home to Davao City every day. He has no plans of staying in Malacanang, the presidential palace.

Now, before you say that Duterte’s plan is a crazy idea, think again.

With Metro Manila’s daily traffic gridlock, it can take up to four hours to commute from one part of the metropolis to another.  So a daily commute from Manila to Davao doesn’t sound so bad.

Duterte added that his daily commute will not cost the government a single centavo.  He says he would borrow the private jet of his friend, Davao religious leader Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, to spare the government the expected expense.

That’s assuming, of course, that the pastor will also pay for the fuel, and that the jet has room for the presidential security.