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Sign From Heaven? Filipinos Flock To Jollibee After Sky Phonomenon Over Manila

imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Filipinos are known to be devout Catholics and they look to the sky for divine intervention.

On a clear, warm Sunday, as people were coming out of church services, a sign from the heavens appeared in the sky over most of Metro Manila.

It was a cloud formation never before seen anywhere in the world — that of a chicken leg, presumably fried chicken leg.

imageThat was enough to create a mad rush to Jollibee restaurants across the metropolis, and by 10 a.m., every single Jollibee’s was sold out of the Chicken Joy.

But unknown to many, something had terribly gone wrong.  The “miracle” was actually a promo gimmick by McDonald’s, which paid hundreds of thousands of pesos to rent a plane that would release a smoke formation resembling a chicken leg.

Jollibee’s, McDonald’s number one competitor in the fried chicken business in the Philippines, was truly blessed with free advertising!

Move Over, McDonald’s, It’s Burger King Versus Jollibee

imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The rivalry between America’s McDonald’s and the Philippines’ Jollibee has finally come to an end.  The popular Filipino fastfood chain has taken on a new rival, challenging the next best thing to McDonalds — Burger King.

On March 31, Burger King is launching its newest  menu item it is calling the “angriest burger,” featuring a red bun.  Apparently an earlier black version of its hamburger ban didn’t quite click with its customers.

Not to be outdone, Jollibee has announced that on April 1, it will launch its answer to the angriest burger — the bloodiest siopao.

Siopao, or stuffed steamed bun, is the Asian version of the American hamburger bun.

The brewing competition between Burger King and Jollibee is based on which bun is redder. Or angrier. Or bloodier.


McDonald’s Now Runs A University In The Philippines

imageBAGUIO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – McDonald’s, the American fast food giant, has finally thrown in the towel, realizing that in the Philippines, it just cannot compete with its local counterpart, Jollibee.

But the resilient McDonald’s is not giving up altogether.  It has started to shift its business operations from hamburgers to education.

Ronald McDonald has announced that it is taking over the ownership and management of the University of Baguio in the Philippines.

It is a move that is considered a ‘win-win’ situation because McDonald’s will not only profit from operating a university. Its student cafeteria will still offer the regular McDonald’s menu. What’s more, its revenue from operating the university will be tax-exempt.

If the pilot project in Baguio City is successful, McDonald’s plans to buy other universities throughout the Philippines.

What’s next? Perhaps a Bachelor’s Degree in Fastfood Business Administration?