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imageCUPERTINO, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – When Tim Cook officially launched the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil last October, his company thought it has hit the jackpot by producing the most advanced pieces of mobile technology ever invented.  The launch has been so successful that stores all over the world have reported huge backlogs in their supply of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Then came the bad news for Apple.

Many buyers of the iPad Pro have reported a serious glitch in their new devices.  Among many issues, consumers — including our own reporters and editors — have reported that their device becomes unresponsive after being plugged in for re-charging.  Apple has acknowledged the issue but has not come up with a fix, other than recommending that iPad Pro users try a hard re-start of their devices if they go dark.

As far as the  Apple Pencil is concerned, many customers are criticizing Apple for not thinking about including a ‘pencil holder’ in the iPad Pro cover or Smart Keyboard to prevent users from misplacing or losing their pencil, as people have already reported.

Faced by the embarrassment of its new devices, Apple announced today that it was totally “re-inventing” the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and will come up with new designs from scratch.

In the meantime, Apple says it will be donating all of its remaining inventory of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to public schools worldwide. Those who have already purchased the devices will be given a 100% rebate towards the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil once they become available sometime in the fall of 2017 .

Schools are asked to contact Apple directly to be included in the mass donation.


Cyrus (Photo: Splash News)

CHICAGO, Illinois (The Adobo Chronicles) – Last year, Miley Cyrus sparked outrage with her Bangerz tour when she groped backup dancers and encouraged the audience to smoke marijuana. But on Thursday night, the former Disney star upped her on-stage antics, kicking off her Dead Petz club gigs in Chicago with a big bang.

In one number, Cyrus appeared on stage at The Riviera Theater practically topless with a prosthetic penis protruding from her bottom front.

While most of the audience members went wild and cheered her on, a woman who came to the concert with teenage daughters called 911 to complain about the nudity and sexual content of the show. Chicago police responded immediately and tried to stop the concert.

Rather than ruin the entire show and disappoint adoring fans, concert producers asked Cyrus to cover up. The closest thing to a cover-up that stage managers could get hold of was an iPad Pro that belonged to one of the musicians.

Cyrus did cover up with the iPad Pro (see photo) and the show went on without any further interruption.

Yet another feature of your iPad Pro that Apple didn’t tell you about!


Tim Cook presents a preview of the new iPad Pro which will come with a free carrying case
Tim Cook presents a preview of the new iPad Pro which will come with a free carrying case

CUPERTINO, California (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – The stage is set for Apple’s big announcement of its new products.  September 9 is the date when CEO Tim Cook unveils the new smart phones and tablets which would definitely seal his company’s status as the leader in computer technology.

While much of the speculation revolves around the new iPhone 6S, Apple says that the star of this year’s unveiling will be its new iPad Pro.

Expected to measure in at 12.9 inches, the iPad Pro will be Apple’s largest tablet, dwarfing both the 9.7-inch iPad Air 2 and the 7.9-inch iPad mini 3. At 12.9 inches, the iPad Pro would be closest in size to the 13-inch MacBook Air.

The Adobo Chronicles® learned from an inside source that the iPad Pro will come with a free carrying case and strap, similar to the ones carried around by cigarette girls that roam bars and casinos (see inset photo).

Cook said that Apple does realize that the larger iPad Pro may be difficult to carry so it is being proactive by including a complimentary carrying case and strap for its new product.

The carrying case comes in three colors — black, red and green.