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Photo: oregonlive.com
Photo: oregonlive.com

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (The Adobo Chronicles) –  This has been the biggest fallout yet since Governor Mike Pence signed Indiana’s anti-gay law legalizing discrimination against gay people based on religious belief.

The Indianapolis 500, or Indy 500, scheduled for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, has been scrapped and is being moved to Daytona Beach, Florida. Indy 500 is an automobile race held annually at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana, an enclave suburb of Indianapolis. It is contested as part of the Verizon IndyCar Series, the top level of American Championship Car racing.

The event, billed as The Greatest Spectacle in Racing, is considered part of the Triple Crown of Motorsport, which comprises three of the most prestigious motorsports events in the world.  It attracts up to 300,000 racing fans, bringing  lots of dollars to companies and local businesses.

Daytona Beach is home to the Daytona International Speedway is a race track which is host to the Daytona 500, the most prestigious race in NASCAR.

In announcing the cancellation, both NASCAR and Verizon said that the decision was in solidarity with the LGBT community which “has suffered enough discrimination not only by political and religious conservatives but also by super macho groups, especially the organizers of major sports events like football and car racing.”

“Daytona Beach is certainly more gay-friendly,” NASCAR and Verizon said.

Upon hearing the news, Governor Pence reportedly suffered a nervous breakdown and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. His communications director said he is now stable and has been discharged. The governor has been advised, however, not to read newspapers or watch TV news, and to refrain from logging on to his Facebook and other social media accounts in the next week or so. “More negative fallout from the newly-signed law could only aggravate his medical condition,” his doctor said.


CCINP-LogoINDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (The Adobo Chronicles) – While many groups and businesses have launched various campaigns to boycott Indiana as a result of a new law allowing gay discrimination based on religious belief, a national campaign has been launched going in the opposite direction: In instead of Out.

The National Coalition of Hoosier Expatriates (NCHE) has launched a campaign which it hopes will bring 1 Million people to Indianapolis during its Circle City IN Pride scheduled for June 5-13, 2015. Past attendance during Indianapolis’ gay pride celebration has topped 100,000. (Indiana is known as the Hoosier State and people from Indiana are called Hoosiers.)

GAYSWELCOMEAs part of this Million people campaign, national companies and local businesses — from airlines and car rental companies to hotels, from restaurants to retail stores — will be displaying a special placard on their storefronts, check-in counters, marquees and rental equipment to identify themselves as gay-friendly.

Only businesses that display the rainbow placard will be patronized by visiting gay and lesbian expatriates, their lovers, friends and straight allies.

In addition, all dollar bills that will be spent in Indianapolis by visiting pride contingents will be stamped with the rainbow flag as a way to demonstrate the power of the gay dollar.

The Adobo Chronicles also learned that Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express will be coming out with special credit cards that will have a photo of the Indiana State Capitol flying the rainbow flag.  People who use these special credit cards will get zero percent interest on purchases made within Indiana for the duration of Pride Week. (So don’t leave home without them.)

Watch out, Indiana. Gay Power has been unleashed!