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imageSAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – A class-action lawsuit was filed in San Francisco’s Superior Court yesterday by hundreds of bearded men who claim they were unfairly defamed by a small study that concluded beards are full of fecal bacteria, a.k.a, poop.

According to a group of microbiologists in New Mexico, the rancid bacteria that beards collect could be putting owners’ health at risk. Microbiologist John Golobic, of Quest Diagnostics, swabbed a number of beards searching for bacteria for the study and found that some of the bacteria “are the kind of things that you find in feces.”

Quest Diagnostics was named in the lawsuit, along with all media companies and Internet sites that carried stories about the study.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is representing the bearded men.

“As a result of the poop stories, bearded men have experienced discrimination at work, in public places, even within their social circles,” the ACLU said.

Ello Kent told The Adobo Chronicles that he was barred from coming in close contact with patients at th San Francisco General Hospital where he works as a nurse. “Up until the poop stories went viral, I was getting compliments from my co-workers and patients about my ginger-colored beard,” he said.  “Now I can’t even do my job unless I agree to shave my beard.”

The bearded men are suing for an undisclosed amount.

If you feel you have been defamed because of your beard and want to be part of the class-action lawsuit, contact your local ACLU office.


imageSan Francisco, California – The West Coast Division of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is suing Google for gender discrimination over its popular Google Voice smart phone app.

Like  Apple’s Siri, Google Voice is able to help smart phone users with questions or directions through its voice-activated feature. The problem is that  Google Voice does not have an option for a male voice, unlike Siri.

The class action suit alleges that  Google discriminates against consumers who have specific gender preferences for their smart phone  “assistants or concierge service” by not offering the option of a male voice, especially in a gay male-dominated  place like the San Francisco Bay Area.

Google has not returned calls from The Adobo Chronicles requesting for comment on the lawsuit.