Donald Trump with 2012 Miss Universe Olivia Carpo of the United States.
Donald Trump with 2012 Miss Universe Olivia Carpo of the United States.

Las Vegas, Nevada (The Adobo Chronicles) – There has been a lot of speculation that the 2014 Miss Universe Pageant will be held in Manila, Philippines. After all, this Southeast Asian country has hosted two of the previous pageants, once in 1974 and again in 1994. It has also produced two title holders, Gloria Diaz in 1969 and Margarita Moran in 1974, not to mention several runners-up in recent years.

Filipinos will not be happy with today’s announcement by Donald Trump, owner of the Miss Universe Organization: the 2014 pageant will definitely not be held in Manila.

In a press briefing at the Trump Towers in Las Vegas, Trump said that while he has not made a final decision on the venue for the 2014 pageant, ” I have ruled out Manila.”

Trump said that he has been closely watching developments in Manila, particularly the pork barrel scandal that has rocked the Philippine government and has sent business persons and top politicians to prison.

“The pork barrel scandal in the Philippines is directly contrary to my beliefs and lifestyle,” Trump said, “and I will be sending the wrong message to the world if I bring the Miss Universe Pageant to Manila at this time.”

Trump does not eat pork. He is a vegetarian.





imageManila, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – It’s Labor Day, and most Americans are enjoying their three-day weekend, heading to the beach, visiting with family or firing up their backyard barbecue grills.

How is this holiday observed in the Philippines, a former colony of the U.S. ?

Well, first of all, it is not a non-working holiday in the Philippines.  It’s not a holiday, period. Outside of the U.S., including the Philippines, Labor Day is observed on May 1st (May Day) and is known locally as Araw Ng Manggagawa (Day of Workers).

But holiday or not, September 1st is oberved big time in the Philippines. Filipinos joyously welcome the start of the “ber” months – September, October, November, December. Here’s how this day is observed:

  • Local radio stations start playing Christmas songs
  • Malls start putting up their Christmas decoration
  • Households start putting up their artificial Christmas trees
  • Newspapers start carrying ads for Christmas sales
  • Employees start maxing out their credit cards in anticipation of their Christmas bonus (more popularly known as ’13th month pay’)
  • Politicians hand out little red envelopes with a few pesos in them to greet their constituents, or  really, buy their votes for the next election.
  • Government employees start selling home-made holiday treats to their co-workers (fruit cake, empanadas, espasol and other local delicacies)
  • Filipino expatriates in the U.S. and elsewhere start shipping Balikbayan boxes to their loved ones at home, packed with used clothing, cans of corned beef and SPAM bought from Costco, Dove soap, boxes of Marlboro cigarettes, designer cologne and perfume, among others.

The Philippines Department of Tourism’s meme, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines,” is alive and well!


imageCupertino, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – Apple has been working with Visa, Mastercard and American Express for the latest iteration of its iPhone scheduled to be released September 9.

Contrary to speculation, Apple will not be announcing the iPhone 6. Rather, it will be releasing the iPhone Wallet, capable of making payments at retail stores that accept credit or debit cards.

The new iPhone will come in black or brown pure leather but will not have a screen. The keypad is imbedded in the wallet, as are the microphone and speaker. Calls and payments can be made using the keypad. The keypad is automatically connected to cash registers via bluetooth.

While the iPhone Wallet will not have the capability of taking pictures, sending emails or browsing the Internet, it has a special compartment that can hold the user’s old iPhone.

The good news is that the new iPhone will retail for only $99 , with no two-year contract required.



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