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De Guzman, left, and Rimando, right
De Guzman, left, and Rimando, right

Manila, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – Facing intense heat and uproar over his decision to exclude multi-awarded actress Nora Aunor from this year’s list of National Artists, President NoyNoy Aquino has found a way to shift the focus away from this latest controversy.

Aquino has declared Friday  and Monday (Thursday and Sunday, respectively in Brazil) as special paid holidays for all government and private workers in the Philippines.  Friday is when the U.S. plays against Germany and Monday is when the Netherlands faces Mexico in the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro.  This is to allow Filipinos to watch both games.

Although the Philippines is not in the World Cup, two players — Jonathan de Guzman and Nick Rimando are of Filipino descent.  De Guzman who is half Filipino and half Jamaican is with the Netherlands team and Rimando who is Filipino-Mexican is with the U.S. team.

“I know many people are upset about my decision not to name Ms. Aunor as a National Artist, but I wish they would just let it go and focus instead on these two important dates where once again, Filipinos can prove to the world that they can excel in the field of sports,” Aquino said.

In signing the executive order declaring the paid holidays, Aquino urged his countrymen to cheer on the Pinoy football PIPA (sic) players while enjoying a four-day long weekend. (He, of course, meant FIFA).


imageRio de Janeiro, Brazil (The Adobo Chronicles) – The topless stalker who welcomed Cristiano Ronaldo to Portugal’s base camp at the World Cup turned out to be an impersonator.

The stalker, Brazilian former ‘Miss Bumbum’ beauty contest winner Andressa Urach, has claimed in the past to have had an affair with Ronaldo – strenuously denied by the player. Six days later she was ejected from Portugal’s public training session at Ponte Preta’s Moises Lucarelli stadium and told to stay away from the Real Madrid star.

Well, it turns out that ‘Miss Bumbum’ was actually a former beauty pageant winner in “Miss Bon Bon,” a crossdressing competition for men in Rio de Janeiro.

Ronaldo is the most famous soccer player in the World Cup. He is both FIFA’s World Cup Best Player and an Armani underwear model.



imageSydney, Australia (The Adobo Chronicles) – Koalas, incorrectly called koala bears, are slowly diappearing from the Australian continent, thanks to an advertising campaign launched by a razor company.

The razor ads feature bearded male models who, upon closer examination, are actually ‘sporting’ baby koalas on their faces. The ad photos have gone viral and many Australian men have caught on to the new fad.

Koalas have once been considered an endangered species and the Australian government fears the new fad will evetually lead to the extinction of these cuddly, furry animals.

Animal rights groups in Australia have threatened to sue the razor company for instigating this fad. Barbers who have lost a lot of business lately, have said they will join in this class-action law suit.

As for the razor company, sales have plummeted. Their ad campaign to promote shaving backfired.