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Time Magazine Names Rappler’s Maria Ressa Among Most Influential Century-Olds

NEW YORK, New York – Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is among Time’s “100 Most Influentual Century-Olds,” the magazine revealed on Thursday, March 5.

Time’s list includes women who occupied positions from which the men were often chosen, like world leaders Golda Meir and Corazon Aquino, but far more who found their influence through activism or culture,” the magazine said.

Celebrities Increasingly Face “Your Mom “ Jokes

by Zane Lee-Briggs

A recent trend at the Oscars and Grammys was the young stars bringing their mothers as guests to the events. The public figures and their mothers would even go as far as to take pictures together on the red carpet.

However nice and warm-hearted this may be, a new research study shows that this plan of action can not be recommended. “You see, celebrities bringing their mothers to these things puts them at an exceedingly high risk falling victim to “Your Mom” jokes,” said Princeton researcher Joseph Walker. “And that just can not happen. It would be a PR nightmare.” He concluded. Since hearing about this, celebrities around the nation have been quick to take Dr. Walker’s advice, and have gone to great measures to assure that they will never fall victim to a career-ending Your Mom joke.

Zane Lee-Briggs is a young satirist with special interests politics, philosophy, and your mom jokes. He also has a persistent tendency to not take anything seriously. If you have a sacred cow, chances are Zane has already turned it into a nice piece of steak. His website can be found at

Inquirer Names Leni Robredo 2019 Other Woman Of The Year

MANILA, Philppines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The long-awaited news is here.  The Philippines Daily Inquirer (PDI) has released its choice for the 2019 Filipino of the Year.

However, PDI decided to rename the annual award to more accurately reflect the gender of its honoree.

PDI has named Vice President Leni Robredo as the 2019 Other Woman of the Year.

Earlier, PDI editors voted to give the Woman of the Year award to Rappler CEO Maria Ressa who respectfully declined the honor because she says it is a “step-down” from her collection of international awards, including several she had received from TIME magazine.

So instead, PDI decided to give the award to their first runner-up, Robredo.  Hence the title, “Other Woman of the Year.”