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PCOO Secretary Martin Andanar Receives Prestigious Netizen Award!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – Secretary Martin Andanar of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) has been realint awards left and right. And center.

Just days after he received the “Most Effective Communicator” award from the Philippine Cancer Society Inc. (PCSI), Andanar was honored by the National Coalition of Netizen Associations of the Philippines (NCNAP).

The NCNAP award was for “Most Effective Miscommunicator.”

In receiving this latest honor, Andanar thanked the NCNAP for reminding him that there are always two sides to a story, sometimes even three —PCSO’s, Rappler’s and the DDS online warriors.

”Oblivious as I may be to the work that PCOO is or is not doing, I am still humbled by this honor,” he added.


Philippine President Duterte Wins 2019 Nobel Peace Prize For His South China Sea Diplomacy

OSLO, Norway (The Adobo Chronicles, Berlin Bureau) – For his brand of diplomacy in dealing with the territorial dispute in the South China Sea, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte was named today the recipient of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.

While his political opponents are clamoring for his impeachment for his failure to protect his country’s territorial waters, peace advocates are praising him for refusing to go to war with China over what many are calling a Chinese intrusion into the Philippines’ fishing waters.

Most recently, Duterte had said that he will allow Chinese fishermen to fish in Philippine waters because China was a friend.

Internationally-accepted  rules, in fact, recognize the fishing rights of all —regardless of who has claim over territorial waters — in areas considered to be “traditional fishing grounds.”

In deciidng to award Duterte the Peace Prize, the Nobel organization said the popular Philippine President has courageously maintained a stand of “Let’s all fish in peace.”

All we are saying is give fish a chance…

Nazi Propagandist Joseph Goebbels’ Estate To Sue Maria Ressa For Plagiarism

BERLIN, Germany (The Adobo Chronicles, Berlin Bureau) – Whether testifying in the Senate on the issue of fake news, or delivering an award acceptance speech at Columbia University, one of Maria Ressa’s favorite line is. “A lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.”

But that favorite line has gotten the Rappler CEO in big trouble. It now appears that it is not an original quote from Resaa, but a plagiarized one from no less than Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

Goebbels’ estate announced today in Berlin that it is suing Ressa for plagiarism and seeking an undisclosed amount for damages. She could also face imprisonment in a now defunct concentration camp.

”Someone claiming to be a journalist and a recipient of many international awards and honors for her journalistic work should know better by giving credit where credit is due,” the estate told The Adobo Chronicles.

Meanwhile, Time Magazine, Columbia School of Journalism and other international awards bodies are considering stripping Ressa of her awards, honors and citations.

’Plagiarism gives journlism a very bad name, and we won’t tolerate it,” Columbia Journalism School Dean Sheila Coronel said today in New York.