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Mix-up: Maria Ressa Receives Award From Colombia, Not Columbia University

NEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles, New York Bureau) – It was a big misunderstanding. Rappler CEO Maria Ressa arrived at Columbia University in New York City to receive yet another award for her supposed journalistic skills and advocacy, particularly for standing up to what she is calling a “dictator” in Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

But alas, Ressa misread the award letter. It was from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (National University of Colombia) in Bogota.  The South American  school awarded Ressa a Courage Award for her and her online outfit’s coverage of Duterte’s war on drugs.

Luckily for Ressa, the Dean of the Journalism School at Columbia — fellow anti-Dutertard Sheila Coronel — is a very good friend. So Coronel let Ressa address the 2019 graduates of the school. Just to save face.

Meanwhile, in Bogota, the Colombia University gave Ressa the award in absencia.

All’s well thta ends well!


An Open Letter To Noynoy Aquino And Albert Del Rosario

As a public service, The Adobo Chronicles is publishing this open letter by one of our readers/subscribers, addressed to ex-President Noynoy Aquino and his ersthwhile Foreign Affairs Secretary, Albert Del Rosario:

Dear Sirs:

First of all, let me congratulte both of you for your significant roles that led to the Philippines winning its arbitration case filed with the United Nations defending our country’s claim to one of the disputed territories in the West Philippine Sea — Pag-asa Island.

Today, I read  with keen interest the Manila Times column of  a journalist and book author I greatly admire — Rigoberto Tiglao —which points out that the Pag-island the Philippines is claiming as its territory is actually just a rock.

While the news is very disapponting to me, it has given me much excitement  because of two rocks that have been sitting in my garden for many years now.

I am afraid that China or some other foreign country might take interest in the rocks and claim them as part of their their territory.

I am writing you to see if any of you, Sirs, would be interested in representing me in a case I am planning to submit to the United Nations to lay claim to my two precious rocks.

I do not have a lot of money to fund this claim, so I was wondering if you would be kind enough to render your services to me on a pro bono basis.

I am looking forward to your favorable reply.


Juan  De La Cruise

P.S. I was also going to ask the same favor of former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay but  he’s too busy with his hopeless Senatorial campaign.



Senator Risa Hontiveros Receives Prestigious Stinking Rose Award

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – SOLIDAR, a European network of Civil Service Society Organisations (CSOs) working to advance social justice in Europe and worldwide has bestowed a very prestigious award on Philippine Senator Risa Hontiveros.

The award, the Stinking Rose Award, is in recognition of Hontiveros‘ commitment to expose the stink in the Duterte administration, including the recent rehabilitation and cleanup of Boracay island and Manila Bay.

The award is named after a famous restaurant in San Francisco — a favorite hangout of members of SOLIDAR — The Stinking Rose — located on Columbus Street.

Congratulations, Senator Hontiveros!