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imageSarangani, Philippines – While the Filipino people were still celebrating Manny Pacquiao’s victory over American Brandon Rios in last Saturday’s title fight in Macau, China, the Pinoy boxing champ has already set foot in the Haiyan typhoon-ravaged region of the Philippines, ready to personally provide relief to calamity victims using his own funds.

There was one problem. A Philippine court has frozen billions of pesos in Pacquiao’s bank accounts. The reason: the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR),  the Philippine counterpart of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), wants to see the original receipts to prove that the boxer paid taxes on his prize earnings.

The BIR, which has the distinct honor of consistently being voted the most corrupt government entity in the Philippines, seems to believe that the IRS issues “original receipts” for paid or withheld taxes like the ones customers get when they purchase items from a grocery store.

Both HBO and boxing promoter Top Rank have indicated that taxes were duly withheld from payments made to Pacquiao and subsequently electronically remitted to the IRS.  But a statement from the BIR said, ” Well, we haven’t had our share of the pie.”

Upon learning of Pacquiao’s predicament, international fans of the boxer — individuals and companies alike — immediately set up a special relief fund for the boxer so that he can fulfill a promise he made earlier to personally help those affected by the super typhoon. As of this writing, the Manny Pacquaio Relief Fund has raised Two Million Dollars which is equivalent to over Eighty Million Philippine pesos.  Offcials at the BIR are reportedly fuming because by law, they cannot touch a single centavo of funds designated for relief.

Double taxation has made a double champion of Pacquiao!


111813_NFL2Seattle, Washington – The Seattle Seahawks, one of U.S. National Football League teams favored to advance into this season’s Super Bowl, chalked up their 10th win last Sunday as it defeated the Minnesota Vikings. But that was not the headline.

Seahawks  player Doug Baldwin, who is part Filipino, carried the Philippine flag as his team entered the football stadium.  By doing so, the Seahawks all but declared war on behalf of the typhoon-ravaged country. The four-color Philippine flag has a red stripe and a blue stripe.  During peace time, the flag is always carried or displayed with the blue stripe on top.  The red stripe on top signals that the country has declared or is at war.  Baldwin carried the flag with the red stripe on top.

The Seahawks explained that the Philippines is “fighting the devastation of Haiyan which has been worse than many war-torn regions of the world.” Many thought the explanation was lame and undiplomatic.

To make amends, the team signed a pledge that it will send all its players to the Philippines to fight alongside that country’s army should it be involved in any military war now or in the future.  But the ever-forgiving Filipinos suggested instead that the Seahawks send its entire team to Tacloban City to help with relief and reconstruction efforts immediately after the Super Bowl. That is, assuming the team will make it to the Super Bowl.