imageGLENDALE, Arizona (The Adobo Chronicles) – It’s Super Bowl time, and next to the actual football match between the Patriots and the Seahawks, the most awaited moments are the 60-minute ads that will be aired during the live telecast to be beamed worldwide.

Companies cough up millions of dollars for an advertising spot during the game, and it has always been a competition on which is the best commercial.

Well, this year, it’s hands down — Hawaiian Airlines tops the competition, airing a commercial promoting its regular flights from the U.S. Mainland to the Philippines.

Many have read novelist Dan Brown’s most recent book, ‘Inferno’  in which he described Manila as the “Gates of Hell.”

Hawaiian Airlines’ commercial hit the bull’s eye with its tag line, “Fly to the Gates of Hell, with a stopover in Paradise.”  It is a promotion for its flight from the U.S. Mainland to Manila with a stopover in Hawaii.

Philippine Airlines is reportedly very upset  because the Hawaiian Airlines commercial is sure to negatively impact its ticket sales.

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