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U.P. Students Stage Protest Rally Demanding Revocation Of Tuition-Free Status For The State University

IMG_0629.JPGQuezon City, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Quezon City Bureau) – It’s been a week of rallies at the main campus of the University of the Philippines, the country’s most notorious state-funded educational institution.

First, students, faculty and alumni staged a protest against an earlier decision by the university’s Board of Regents to grant President Rodrigo Roa Duterte an honorary doctorate degree, Honoris Causa, during its forthcoming commencement exercises. The protest quickly fizzled out when Duterte himself rejected the honor, saying that the highest honor he could ever receive was his election to the presidency.

Yesterday, several dozen protesters — mostly the same people who rallied against Duterte’s honorary degree — picketed the Oblation statue at the Diliman campus, demanding that Duterte and Congress revoke the tuition-free status of U.P.

One of Duterte’s significant moves in his first six months in office was to institute free tuition at all state colleges and universities, not just U.P.

“We want to be an independent educational institution, free from politics and government intervention,” the group’s manifesto stated. “We don’t want taxpayer money to support our activism and quest for a free and democratic Philippines,” it added.

If approved, the revocation of the free-tuition status of U.P. will result in huge tax savings for the Duterte administration and will provide additional funds to establish more drug rehabilitation centers throughout the country.

UP Confers Yet Another Honorary Doctoral Degree On NoyNoy Aquino

Doctor NoyNoy Aquino (file photo)

QUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – In an effort to recover from the embarassment resulting from the rejection by President Rodrigo Duterte of an Honorary Degree from the University of the Philippines, the Board of Regents today announced a substitute honoree for its 2017 Commencement Exercises.  And it’s another president — former President NoyNoy Aquino.

It’s also another honorary degree for Aquino from U.P. Previously, the University conferred upon Aquino an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws at its 100th General Commencement Exercises.

This year, following Duterte’s decision to decline the award and after protests from the smartest of students, faculty and alumni of U.P., the Board of Regents said that this time around, Aquino will be conferred an honorary degree of Doctor of Engineering.

In making the announcement, U.P. said that this new honorary degree for Aquino is in recognition of his very impressive engineering feat while president, especially in building straight roads (Daang Matuwid), defying Engineering technology that relied on curved and winding roads.

“No other human being has perfected the art of straight roads,” the Regents said. “It is an accomplishment that the entire world can emulate.  Aquino’s ingenuity is a source of great pride for the University and the Filipino people.”



Duterte Self-Help Book Makes It To The Top Of New York Times’ Best Selling List

Photo credit to its owner/originator

NEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles, New York Bureau) – A self-help book on Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has zoomed up to No. 1 in The New York Times’ Best Selling List this week.

Titled “Master Baiting For Dummies,” the fully-illustrated book educates its readers on detecting sarcasm and stealthy mockery.

The Philippine leader is known for his cussing, controversial rhetoric and hyperbole which  have caught the attention of world leaders, politicians and the news media.  They all have been baited to keep talking about Duterte, consequently putting the Philippines on the world map and radar in a manner never before seen in history.

As a bonus, the book has a section dealing with tools for journalists who are slow on the uptake.  The Associated Press (AP) is reportedly considering distributing the book along with its newsroom stylebook.

It is ironic that the NYT which has recently published critical articles about Duterte is now benefiting from increased readership as a direct result of its Best Selling Book List this week.