TP Next PH Ambassador To The U.K.?

LONDON, United Kingdom (The Adobo Chronicles, London Bureau) – Sometimes, to get to the top, you have to hob-nob with those at the top. This seems to be the modus operandi of vlogger RJ Nieto, a.k.a. Thinking Pinoy as many have noticed he has been socializing with First Lady Liza Araneta Marcos. The FL has been rumored to have a say in appointments made by this administration.

TP never fails to have a selfie photo with Mrs. Marcos wherever and whenever their paths cross — in Manila, in New York, and now, in London.

An unreliable source told The Adobo Chronicles that TP has been whispering into the FL’s ear about his desire to be appointed PH ambassador to the U.K.

TP is currently in London pursuing some math course at a local university. If appointed, this will save the vlogger tons of money as he does not have to personally pay for his living expenses while attending university. Not that he cannot afford it at the moment.

We tried to reach current ambassador Teddy Boy Locsin for comment but he has been very busy preparing for President Marcos’ visit to London to attend King Charles’ coronation.


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