Gloria Diaz Defends Beauty Crown She Won In 1969

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The Philippines’ very first ‘Miss Universe’ is defending the crown she won in 1969.

Gloria Diaz has criticized the Miss Universe Organization for allowing single mothers, married and transgender women to compete in the international beauty pageant.

Why even call it ‘Miss Universe’ when contestants are no longer ‘miss,’ “ Diaz said.

Many netizens agreed with Diaz. “What are we missing, here,” one pageant enthusiast asked. “There are already pageant for married women and those with children or grandchildren,” she added.

Others have also commented that trans pageants are more fun, the makeup and gowns more elaborate, and the responses to the Q&A more entertaining. So they said trans women should continue to have their own pageant.

We couldn’t agree more!


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