Biden Called Marcos ‘MOM’ Three Times

WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – Self-proclaimed International Relations (IR) expert Sass Rogando Sasot criticized Philippine President Bongbong Marcos for calling U.S. President Joe Biden ‘sir’ three times during their meeting at The White House.

What Sasot failed to mention was that Biden called Marcos ‘MOM’ during their conversation off camera. Of course, he, err, she would not have known that because the Netherlands-based Vlogger was not present at The White House.

In addressing Marcos ‘MOM,’ Biden was referring to “Martyr or Murderer,” the Darryl Yap film about Bongbong Marcos’ father, Ferdinand E. Marcos, Sr.

Again, Sasot would not have know that.


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