Donald Trump Apologizes To Rodrigo Duterte Over Signed 2020 Budget

WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles) – Donald Trump has personally apologized to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte over the big controversy surrounding the U.S. President’s signing of the 2020  Appropriations  Acts.

Trump apparently signed the voluminous bill documents without realizing they included a provision  that would deny entry into the U.S. of Philippine officials and others responsible for the alleged wrongful detention of Opposition Senator Leila De Lima.

Amid the confusion in news media reports on whether or not such a provision existed in the signed bills, Trump said “I would never move to deny U.S. visas  to my good friend Rody and his henchmen.”

In reacting to the conflicting news reports, Duterte had ordered the banning of U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy and Dick Durbin from entering the Philippines.  The Democratic Senators authored a committee resolution demanding the immediate release of De Lima and — supposedly — the dropping of all criminal charges against Rappler CEO Maria Ressa.

The Philippine President has also threatened to require visas to all U.S. citizens visiting his country.

In his apology, Trump again reiterated his invitation for Duterte to visit the White House. “No visa needed,” he said.

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