Leni Robredo Speaks Out On U.S. Senate Resolution Calling For De Lima Release

MANILA, Phiippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Leni Robredo is finally breaking her silence on the U.S. Senate committee resolution calling for the release of incarcerated Senator Leila de Lima.

We caught up with the Vice President as she was leaving the radio station after her program Leni BISErbisyo — or something like that.

AC: Ma’am, can we have a few minutes with you?

LENI: Sure, pero sandali lang ha? Kasi magpapa-lunch pa ako sa mga reporters na dadalaw sa aking opisina ngayong umaga. (Sure, but only for a few minutes.  I have to serve lunch to the reporters who will visit my office this morning)

AC:  Pramis po. What can you say about the recent U.S. Senate committee resolution calling on the Philippine government to release Senator Leila de Lima ?

LENI: That is their right. Who are we to stop them?

AC: So, if the Philippine Senators approved a resolution condemning the Senate resolution, that is also their right, right?

LENI: Well, not really. We’re talking about America, the most powerful country on earth.  The Philippines is a third-world country, with third-world rights.

AC: If the Filipinos staged a ‘People Power’-type of rally in Manila calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, would you consider that an exercise of the Filipinos’ freedom of speech?

LENI:  Aba, hindi (Oh, no). Filipinos are not U.S. citizens and they don’t have the right to protest against U.S. affairs — well, except for dual citizen Maria Ressa, of course.

AC:  We digress, but when are you going to release your “drug war report” to the nation?

LENI: Well, we’re approaching Christmas and I don’t want to be the one to spoil the Filipinos’ holiday spirit.  Maybe, on New Year’s eve, para my report would come with a bang!

AC: Is your report reall “explosive?”

LENI: Do you mean “exclusive?”  Yes of course. Everything in my report is exclusive to me.  No one else contributed to preparing the report, not even Georgina.

AC: During your non-Press Conference Press Conference, you brandished a copy of your report.  So you were prepared to distribute copies to the reporters then?

LENI: No, that was actually my family photo album.  I just used the drug war report cover design for show and photo op.


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