Adobo Chronicles Launches Project: Hashtag MIA

D2BC535C-9D19-4BAB-B800-5C4B26134412MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – There continues to be an increasing demand for the Philippine government to change back the name of Manila’s premiere airport from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to the original Manila International Airport (MIA),

Netizens have pointed out that it was a mistake in the first place to name the airport after  a “no-hero.”

Many others have said that NAIA has always been associated with negative references including ‘one of the world’s airports’ to ‘the best and hottest sauna,’ for its frequent airconditioning woes.  This is not to mention notorious schemes including the ‘laglag bala,’ and disappearing contents of passenger luggage and balkibayan boxes.

Even passengers, flight attendants, pilots and Tower Control staff have repeatedly complained that ‘NAIA’ is hard to say, and ‘Ninoy Aquino International Airport’ is quite a mouthful.  They say that ‘MIA’ and ‘Manila International Airport’ have a nice sound to it.

So, to help in finally realizing netizen aspirations to see their MIA back, the Adobo Chronicles has just launched a public service project called ‘Hashtag MIA.’

The project costs nothing, easy to participate in, and could just be the movement that will convince the government to bring back the glory days of the Manila International Airport.

It’s simple enough:  each time netizens post something that has some reference to NAIA, all they need to do is to replace ‘NAIA’ with #MIA (hashtag MIA) to bring home the point.

If the hasthtag goes viral, it may catch the attention of our decision makers who will hopefully ditch NAIA in favor of MIA!

You can start participating now by typing #MIA in the comments section.


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