Naga City Restaurant Contradicts Leni Robredo’s Statement On Sili

02CF97CC-E0E6-445E-B15D-08FD46B3D7CCNAGA CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Naga Bureau) – A restaurant based in Naga City just contradicted Leni Robredo’s statement that  the people are in tears because of the high prices of sili (chili pepper).

The owner of the restaurant, Chili-Peppers, said that news reports about the supply and prices of sili are overblown, if not utterly sensational.

”We have no problem serving sili at our restaurant and we certainly have not increased the prices of our menu offering,” the owner said.

To prove the point, Chili-Peppers  has launched a new promo that offers UNLIsili that enables its customers to avail of unlimited sili for menu items that have the spice as part of their ingredients.

It follows Mang Inasal’s offering of UNLIrice.

This is definitely good and HOT news for sili fans!

What are you waiting for? If you are from, or are visiting Naga, order your laing and Bicol Express from Chili-Peppers today! Or steaks, ribs, pasta and seafood — with sili of course!

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