Philippine Senator Bam Aquino ‘Invited Back’ By The Vatican!

65DD9763-46C7-4D72-9726-BDA83B018036THE VATICAN, Italy (The Adobo Chronicles, Rome Bureau) – Pope John Paul’s security service has invited Senator Bam Aquino back to The Vatican, just days after the Philippine lawmaker had an audience with the Pontiff.

The Vatican had announced that the papal ring worn by Pope Francis is missing. Francis was last seen wearing the ring just hours before Aquino’s audience with the Pope.

CCTV camera recordings show the international dignitaries who visited with the Pope the day the ring went missing.

     The papal ring, also knowns as Piscatory ring

In one of the footages, Senator Aquino is shown  tighly grasping the Pope’s hand then kissing the papal ring.

”We are not saying that the Senator bit off the ring from the Pope’s finger,” a Vatican spokesperson said. “But we’re looking at all angles and are not prepared to make any accusations at this time. All we’re doing is sending courtesy invitations to persons of interest.  The Vatican will pay for their travel expenses back to Rome.”

Talk about an all-expense-paid travel.  No Philippine taxpayer money involved!



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