Filipinos To Stage One Million March In Support Of Bruno Mars



MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Singer Bruno Mars was the subject of heated Twitter disccussions this weekend, after he was accused of ‘cultural appropriation.’

Mars, who is half-Filipino, came under fire as part of an online roundtable discussion which saw writer Seren Sensei hit out at Mars — like sour grapes —for appropriating black music.

Sensei’s comments didn’t sit well with Filipinos so they are standing up for their kababayan (countryman).

This Sunday, one million Filipinos are expected to march on EDSA to show their support for Mars.

’We want to show to the world that Filipinos are not just great karaoke singers (which Sensei accused Mars of being), but that we are proud of our culture and will not allow anyone to insult us or someone of our own,’ a march spokesperson said.

The marchers plan to burn a giant effigy of Sensei.

EDSA is Metropolitan Manila’s main thoroughfare that has been the venue of massive protests, including that which ousted the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

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