Vatican To Investigate Miracle Attributed To Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo!

AD7C276E-DFC9-4C21-ADD6-6428694A9A94THE VATICAN (The Adobo Chronicles, Rome Bureau) – Miracles are usually attributed to dead holy men and women awaiting to be canonized as saints by the Roman Catholic Church.  But The Vatican is now investigating a miracle that is being attributed to Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo who is very much alive.

It all happened on June 12, 2018, during ceremonies commemorating the Philippines’ 120th anniversary of its Independence from Spain.

Garbed in an off-shoulder dress, Robredo — disregarding conventional protocol — executed a salute to the Philippine flag.  Lo and behold, snow suddenly poured from the sky, drenching her and others in attendance.  It was quite a relief from the hot and humid weather that Manila was experiencing just days before.

It doesn’t snow in the Philippines.  In fact it only has two seasons, the wet and dry seasons.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) reported the incident to The Vatican which is now investigating the supernatural occurrence.

Will Robredo be the new “living saint” now that Mother Theresa has moved on to the next world?


One thought on “Vatican To Investigate Miracle Attributed To Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo!”

  1. Many Philippine people are obsessed with apparitions. This is an ADDICTION as a result of their religious practices and fanaticism, which led them to have blind faith without ever questioning what they believe in whether it’s true or not. Philippine people (the majority) just swallow what had been masticated by their religious leaders without even exerting an effort to at least see what they’re believing in.


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